Kiki and her best friend Lexy are trying to make it to Italy to find Kiki's brother before their time runs out.
But will they make it? read to find out


13. Thirteen Lex

          Arsen drove off and we began our walk to the safe place. We didn't talk to each other on our walk. Once we reached the gate a guy stopped us. "Are you bitten?" "No..." Nick answered. The guy looked at me and at Shy. "No I'm not bitten either." I said and then Shy said the same thing after me. "Okay...You are going to go in the checking place. The checking place is where new comers shower, and a female and male for boys will check your body for any bites, cuts or scratches. If you did have a cut or scratch they will check it and see if you are infected, if you are infected....You have two choices, one....Leave and don't show your face here again. Two...One of us will kill if you want us to." We all nodded and then we went into the building. Girls went to the girl showers and guys went to the guy showers. They gave us ten minutes to wash up and then they would come in and check us out. 

         Once the ten minutes was up this skinny middle aged girl came in. "Okay so who first?" "I'll go." I said. She noticed the slice in my hand that was healing into a scar. "Well I'm not even going to check the cut on your hand cause of the way it's healing. She checked the rest of my body and then asked what size clothing I wore I told her and she went on to checking Shy. Shy was fine, and then the lady went back out to the main office I guess. She came back with fresh clothes. "Here....Once you two are done you two can just take a right and we'll get you all set up in a room and give you food and water." We nodded and then changed. "Do you think Nick will be able to sleep with us?" Shy asked. "Not sure we can ask." 

         We walked out into the office and Nick came out right after us. "Okay, so we will be separating the three of you." A bigger lady said as we sat down at her desk. "Why?" Nick asked. "Because you three need to meet new people. You'll be able to see each other but not sleep together." "Okay..." Nick said in a calming tone. "Now what are your names?" She had a pen and a clip board with room numbers. "I'm Nick." "Shy...." "Lex..." "Okay...." "Nick you'll be on the third floor room 301, Shy you will be on the third floor room 20, and Lex you will be on the second floor room 150." She wrote down the info and handed it to us. "Now when you get to your floor go to the info desk. They supply you with what you need, and tell you what bed you are." We all nodded and walked across to the hospital building. "I thought Arsen said the safe place what at the airport?" Nick said confused. "He probably got mixed up....Probably wasn't thinking straight." He shrugged. We walked into the building. "Bye Shy...." Nick hugged Shy and I hugged her to. She went to the info desk nervously. Me and Nick walked up to the stairs. "Well bye Nick..." "Bye..." We hugged and then we went our separate ways. I walked up to the desk. "Hello..." "I'm new...." I handed this lady the paper I had. She walked in the back and came out with a bag. "Here, your bed number is four." I grabbed the paper and the bag.

        I walked into the room and there were two girls in there and one boy. "Another fucking girl." The boy said angrily. I set the bag down on the bed and sat down. "I'm Kay..." A girl with short black hair said. "I'm Marvin." They boy said. "And I'm Darla." The other girl with medium length blonde hair said. "I'm Lex...." "So where'd you come from?" Marvin asked. "Kentucky..." "All the way from America..." "Yup." "I always wanted to go there." Kay said in disappointment. "Not that great of a country....You aren't missing out on anything." "How many Zombies did you kill?" Darla asked. "We call them Infected....and not that much...My parents and my sister." "Oooooh I'm sorry, and why do you call them infected?" "It's fine shit happens....And cause my best friend called them that, and plus saying Zombies is like something a little kid would say." "Where's your friend at?" Kay asked cheerfully. "Italy...." "Why Italy?" Marvin asked. "She's on a journey with this dude we met in a music store to find her brother." "Why? Italy is like a ghost town...." "Reasons...." I said getting annoyed with all the questions.

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