Kiki and her best friend Lexy are trying to make it to Italy to find Kiki's brother before their time runs out.
But will they make it? read to find out


10. Ten Kiki

             We finally made it to the airport in New York that night. We all checked to see if there was any infected. We came across a couple but besides them there was nothing. We found a room that was safe enough to stay and sleep in that night. I obviously couldn't sleep. I was up in my own thoughts thinking about Lex and how she just left. Jake fell asleep and Arsen was up staring at the ceiling. I moved over towards him. "Can't sleep?" He whispered. "Yea...." "I feel bad that Lex left you like that..." "It's whatever, now I just see how I stand. I wonder where they are now?" "Who knows probably sleeping in the car on a side of a road." "Probably....Thanks for sticking around..." "No problem Kiki....I have nothing better to do with my life, so the least I could do is help you find your brother." "I owe you big time." "Yes you do." We chuckled. My chuckled turned into crying. "Don't cry..." Arsen sat up and put his arm around me. "I lost everyone that I cared about....I just want to die...." "I have too...Look I had to shoot my little sister before she turned, I had to shoot my parents as well. It's hard and I can relate, and that's why I'm helping you find your brother." I nodded and put my head on his shoulder. 

             I woke up to Arsen holding me. He was still sleeping so I creepily looked at him. He was honestly so hot. He had freckles on his nose and a little on his cheeks, he had long eyelashes, and his hair was brown and short and wavy. He had dirt on his face and this scar that went from his temple to his cheekbone. He started to open his eyes so I quickly looked away and looked up at the ceiling. I heard him breath in and grunt. I looked over at him and his green eyes looked at me. "Well today is the day...." He smiled. I smiled back and then we both got up. Jake was still sleeping so Arsen went to go wake him up. I got up and packed up anything that we had used that night. "Alright Jake get up...." I looked over at Arsen, and he shook Jake. "Jake man get up." He shook him again. My heart stopped. He checked Jake's pulse. "Come on man....." I watched Jake push on his chest, and give him mouth to mouth. "Jake! Get the fuck up!" He pushed on his chest some more. "Get up!!" He started to tear up, and his voice cracked with sadness. He gave him mouth to mouth again. "Jake please just get up!" He checked his pulse again, and he stood. "This your fucking fault!" He punched the walk and ran out of the room. I looked at Jake and he was pale, and lifeless. I put the bag I had down and went after Arsen. I heard the stairs door slam shut. I ran over there and ran up the stairs to the roof. 

              Arsen was sitting there looking at the dead city. I heard him sniffling. "Hey..." He looked up at me. I sat down next to him. "I'm so sorry...." I looked at him. "Tough world out there." "It sure is." "Sorry I said that to you...." "It's fine...." He cried. I put my arm around him. "First my family.....Now my best friend....Can my life get any worst?" "Do you have any idea why he would've passed away like this?" "Loss of blood from his leg, or he got bit and never told me." "Well I guess we'll just have to find that out....." "Yeaaa...." 


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