Kiki and her best friend Lexy are trying to make it to Italy to find Kiki's brother before their time runs out.
But will they make it? read to find out


6. Six Arsen

           "How's your leg?" "Hurts, but over all it seems okay." Jake looked down at his bread and took a bite out of it and then looked up at me. "I miss everything and everyone." "I do too Jake...." "Do you think their's a cure?" "Maybe but don't know for sure." "Yea.....Where are we even going?" "Canada...." "Why?" "From what I heard they have a whole safe place that is extremely protected." "Oh okay...." "Well you ready?" "Yea." He got on my back so I could help him in the back seat. I got in the drivers seat and then left.

             An hour or so later it started to pour down heavy. "Hey there's a record place on the left of you, just pull in there so we don't have to be in this rain any longer than we have to." I pulled up front. I opened up the car door and then looked over at Jake. "I'm going to check the inside and then come back for you." He nodded and then I ran inside. I checked the back and the upstairs, but nothing there. I walked back out to the truck and pulled out the wheel chair out of the back and helped Jake out of the truck. I pushed Jake inside and then went back out to get some food to eat and blankets. I locked up the truck and then went inside the store. "Okay, I got food, medicine so I can clean your leg up, and blankets. We're staying here for the rest of the day." "I'm okay with that." Jake looked at some of the CDs and old records. I walked into the employee room. The room was very roomy . I laid two blankets on the ground which was carpeted and two more blankets on top of the other two. I looked over to my left and saw a soda and a snack machine. "Hey Jake look at this." "What is it?" "Vending machines, that are practically full." "Well break them open...." "What should I use though?" "What about the crutch I brought with us?" "That might work." I walked back out to the truck and grabbed the crutch and went back to the back. I slammed the crutch on the vending machine but it just bounced  back. "Okay well that's not going to break....." "Shoot it...." "And waste my bullets? Don't think so." "Damn...Can you pick a lock?" "Nope....Do you?" "I do but don't have anything to pick it with." I looked over at him. "Really? I'm just going to relax, we'll go to a hardware store that I know of up the road a little ways once the rain lightens up." "Alright....I'm taking a nap then." 

           Once we woke up I cleaned up Jake's leg and then we left to go to the hardware store just up the road. We got there in five minutes. I helped Jake out of the truck and then I walked in first. There was no infected in there so we quickly found what we needed. We got a hammer, axe, and we found some bullets for the guns we had. We went back to the record place. The rain started to come down again as we got back inside. Jake sat there in the office with me as I finally broke open this vending machine. I grabbed a bag we had and put candies, and breakfast bars in it. I also put in the drinks that were still in the other vending machine. "We'll get back on the road in the morning." I said zipping up the bag and sitting in the floor. "Alright..." 

          In the middle of the night Jake woke me up. "Hey I heard something moving around out front." "Aright...." I grabbed my gun and got Jake in the wheelchair, just in-case we had to get out of there quick. "Hold the bag and be ready to get out of here quick if we have to." "Okay." I turned on my flash light and the front door was opened. I had my gun ready. I heard heavy breathing behind the counter. "I can hear you breathing." I pointed my flashlight to the counter. "Come out." I said angrily. A girl with brown hair and forest green eyes looked up at me, and then another popped up and she had dirty-blonde hair with doe like brown eyes. "Who are you?" "I'm Kiki." the girl with brown hair said. "And you?" I said looking at the other girl. "Lexy..." Kiki started to speak. "We were looking for a dry place to sleep at. The rain is getting pretty bad going North." "You two bitten?" "No, no we're clean." "I cut my hand back at this hospital." "Okay...You two can stay." Jake came out of the office. "Hey I saw you two girls back at the hospital." "I knew that truck looked familiar." Kiki said with a smile. 

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