Kiki and her best friend Lexy are trying to make it to Italy to find Kiki's brother before their time runs out.
But will they make it? read to find out


7. Seven Arsen

             The next morning the rain got worst. Kiki was up and was flipping through the CD's. "Hey, I never gave you a proper introduction, I'm Arsen." "That's a different name...." "Yea, so where you headed?" "New York, what about you?" "Canada...What's up in New York?" "Airport...I have to get to Italy...What's in Canada?" "A safe place...Why Italy?" She looked at me and pulled something out of her back pocket. "You see this envelope?" "Yea..." "This has the cure....My dad was a chemist and he tested it and apparently this is the cure. My bother is also a chemist." "You lying..." I chuckled. "You can believe what you want..." "Look after the shit I've been through, I just highly doubt that that white envelope has the cure." "I been through shit too, but somehow you just have to have the guts to believe in something....Everyone is dying and I just hope and believe that my dad found the cure and will save the human race." I looked at her and she picked up a Johnny Cash CD. "Does anyone else know?" "Just Lex and now you...I only told you cause for some reason I trust you." She looked up at me and continued, "You guys should come with us." "I'm not sure about that. Jake has a broken leg and we need to get him fixed up. I mean I am a pilot and I could help you two out, but I'm tired of running around." "I understand..." She moved down to the next section of CD cases. Lex came out of the room and smiled at me. "Hey Kiki, when are we going to get back on the road?" Kiki turned and looked at her. "Do you not see the storm out there...Hoping by tomorrow. I mean if that's okay with you Arsen." "Yea that fine..." "Hmmm, Arsen I like the name." Lex said with a smile. I nodded and went to the back room.

                   Night time came and we all snacked on snacks that we had. The storm finally passed so we all planned that we would leave in the morning. As we ate I kept thinking about going with the girls over to Italy. "Hey now that we are all sitting here together I have an idea." "What is it?" Kiki asked while moving her hair out of eyes. "Kiki you asked if we would join you two on going to Italy, well this is my plan. We'll be passing New York on the way to Canada anyway. So you two girls will stay there and I will drive Jake up to the safe place, and drop him off, then come back and we'll go up there." "Sounds good but why not take a helicopter and drop me off then take it back and the go with the girls. I mean it's quicker that way isn't it?" "Or we get to the airport take a plane we'll go to an airport in Canada, then we'll all go together to drop him off then go back to the plane and then leave...." Kiki suggested. "Yea that's more of quicker and smarter way of doing that...." I said. "Okay so let's do it then. From my Gps on my phone it says we have about a day until we reach New York." Kiki said looking at her phone. "You've got a phone?" Jake said. "Yea..." "You'll lose it soon tho, I know I did." "Yea same here...." "Oh yea I almost lost it back at the hospital." "How long have you girls been traveling?" I asked. "About three days..." "Three days? Did you two not know about the infection?" "No it just hadn't hit our city. I mean we knew about the infection because school got canceled and we had to stay indoors at night." "Damn, why didn't you guys leave then?" Jake asked. "They wouldn't allow us and plus my dad was working on the cure. He didn't tell me what it was at that time but now I know why he never tried to escape." "My parents tried to but the plan failed. They told us that they cannot leave because the other side is to dangerous. It was a stupid excuse. They ended up getting sick anyways." Lex said. "So did our parents." Jake said pointing to me and himself." "It seemed that the adults got infected before the kids..." I said. "Now that you said that you're right...Jake what even happened to your leg?" Jake chuckled and continued. "I jumped off a four story building." "Like a dumbass." "So you didn't get infected by that?" "Nope...What about that hand of yours Lex?" "Back at the hospital we were climbing on the cabinets and stuff that had been blocking the stairs, well I sliced my hand on a broken piece of class." "Damn....You don't have any cuts?" Jake asked while looking at Kiki. "No, I made it just fine....But when I was stuck in the elevator and once I got out there was this giant mutated bat thing. It went after me but lucky for me I made it in the building. So I mean the only damage I have done on me is a bruise on my thigh where I hit my leg climbing up on the fifth floor, away from that thing." "That's creepy as shit...." She nodded in an agreement to what Jake said. We decide to get some sleep.

                The next morning we woke and the rain finally stopped. We all quickly ate and drank something and then we followed each other to New York. Jake and I followed the girls because they had a GPs. We drove pretty fast on the road because no one was ever on the road, except broken down cars. Jake had grabbed some CDs and put one in as we drove. Once the afternoon came we finally made it out of Kentucky and into Ohio. We had stopped in a empty but safe rest area to stretch and eat a snack and drink. The girl went to the bathroom and Jake and I did our business outside.The girls came out and we sat down on the concrete side walk as we ate a granola bar. As we talked and ate a car pulled in. They parked in a handicap spot, and the doors flung open.  

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