Kiki and her best friend Lexy are trying to make it to Italy to find Kiki's brother before their time runs out.
But will they make it? read to find out


1. One Kiki

          I sat on my bed reading one of my favorite books on a Tuesday night. The moon was full and it shone in my room. "Kiki!" I heard my father yell from downstairs. I put my book on my bed and walked fast downstairs. "Yes dad?" "Kitchen...." I walked into the kitchen and he was handcuffed to the ovens handle. "Dad what are you doing?" "Look honey, I'm infected with the disease that has been going around." He coughed and his eyes started to become red. "Sweetie, just go down in the basement and go to the safe. You'll see a piece of paper and instructions.....Just do what they say...." He coughed again. "I love you Kiki." He pointed to the refrigerator. I looked and the code to the safe was there. "3-28-15-9." I said to myself. "Dad, I love you so much....Please don't die on me." He just coughed and this time blood came out. He turned completely blue and then stopped breathing. I kept in from crying, and went down to the basement. There was his chemistry lab on the right of me, and the safe was far in the back behind this bookshelf. I put in the code and saw this envelope, a piece of paper and a gun. I took the paper and put the gun in my right pocket. The note said;


          You have to do me a huge favor, because I can't do it. I'm infected, and I have the cure in that envelope. You have to go to Italy and find your brother, he'll know what to do. I love so so much and I'm sorry to have left you already but in the garage there is supplies ready for you.....Take the car an go to the airport in New York. Before you leave take the gun and shoot me, in the heart....Not the head....Please. I love you and be safe.

           I walked back to the kitchen while pulling out the gun. My dad had foam and blood dripping out of his mouth and his eyes were completely red and his skin was l this pale blue. He screeched and tried to bite me but he couldn't go anywhere. I pointed the gun to his heart. "I love you dad." And then pulled the trigger. He fully died after one shot. I put the gun back in my pocket and walked upstairs to get a couple pairs of clothes and books and the family photo of us all before my mom passed from cancer and before my brother left for college in Italy. I grabbed my bad and walked out to the garage. There were about four boxes of food and extra bullets, and there was about five filled gas cans. I put what was there in the back of the car. I walked back inside and grabbed the keys off the key holder, then I left.
         I kept my tears in as long as I could until I pulled up to my friend Lexy's home. I sat their a balled my eyes out for a good minute until I got out of the car. I had my phone flashlight on as I opened the front door. Her mom and dad were shot in the head and heart. I walked down the hall to her room and opened the door. She was sitting holding her sister by the side of her bed. "Lex?" She looked up and their was blood splattered on her face and her shirt. "I...I killed them." She said catching her breath. She let go of her sister and she just fell right of her arms. "Are you infected?" "No I swear I'm not....See!" She proved to me that she wasn't. "Come on I have spare clothes." "Okay." She grabbed somethings and then we both got into the car. She changed in the back seats and then she fell asleep.


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