Kiki and her best friend Lexy are trying to make it to Italy to find Kiki's brother before their time runs out.
But will they make it? read to find out


9. Nine Lex

                 We pulled into the neighborhood where my house was. We passed by Kiki's house and I sighed. I missed her so much. I did regret not saying goodbye to her and not hugging her. But now it was to late to turn back. "This is it..." I pointed and Hayden pulled into the driveway. "You can use my dads truck to drive with the boat. "Alright cool." We all got out of the extremely packed car. "Shy go with Lex to get the keys to the truck and unlock the gate." Hayden demanded. Shy went with me and as we walked in the house I saw my dead parents laying there already semi-eaten. "Go unlock the gate for them the keys should be hanging on a key holder in the kitchen, I have to go into my parents room for the boat and truck keys." She nodded and stepped over my dad's chewed off leg. I walked passed my room and saw my little sister. I gulped down the tears and carried on to my parents room. I walked in the room and saw the keys in the key basket they had on the dresser. I grabbed the keys I needed and walked into the garage to get some gas my dad had for the boat. He had three full containers and another one that was half full. I put the containers in a wheel barrel and wheeled them out to them. I went out front and saw them loading up the truck with the boxes filled with snacks and drinks. "Hey I found these and instead of boxes why don't you put the snacks and stuff in suitcases and throw them in the back of the truck?" Hayden walked over to me. "That's a good idea, Nick go with her to get suit cases, and shy help me with these containers." "You know we could put them in a the cabin of the boat instead of the truck." Nick said. "Yea that's a better idea...." Hayden agreed. Nick and I went to go get the bags that we could find I stuffed two bag full of my dads clothes, and me and my moms clothes, so we had extra clothing. We walked out I had two bags filled one bag was with the guy clothes and the other one was with the girls clothes. I told Hayden what was in them and put them in the middle seat between me and Shy in the back. Everyone filled the other bags with the food and drinks. We had only two bag left over we kept them and then once the boat was packed up Hayden got in the truck while we got off the boat and made our way to the truck. Hayden started up the truck before we were close and then drove off. We chased after him but he sped up faster than we thought he would. "Motherfucker!" Nick yelled. 

             We walked back to my house and then the sun was starting to go down. "Infected are coming soon." I said. They said nothing. We got back into the car. "That motherfucker took the God damn keys." Nick said aggressively opening the door. He punched the hood of the car. I looked over at Shy and she was having a mental break down. And as for me I was sitting there watching my probably last sunset. I got out of the car. "We can take my mom's car." Nick looked at me and Shy got out of the car. He nodded and went to get the car keys. I went into my the garage and I had to manually open the door. I started up the car and it was on full, thank you mom. They got in the car quickly. And then we left. "Where to?" "Lets go to that safe place in Canada." "No we're going to New York. I'll drive fast and I'm not stopping." "What about gas?" Nick asked. "My parents were geared up to leave one day and they kept lot's of gas containers in my moms trunk, so we will make do with what we have." Nick nodded and I took off. 

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