Kiki and her best friend Lexy are trying to make it to Italy to find Kiki's brother before their time runs out.
But will they make it? read to find out


4. Four Kiki

            Lex tugged me away from the truck and into the hospital. I looked back at the truck and no one was in there. "So where should we check first?" Lex asked pulling me out of my own thoughts. "Oh, um well I guess the second floor." "Okay." Lex led the way to the stairs. The door creaked when lex opened it. "Shit...." As I walked in, the stairs were blocked with a bunch of beds and cabinets. "We could climb it." I said. "How?" Lex turned and gave me the 'what the fuck type of face'.I chuckled a little. "Well, Let me try to get up there." "Lady's first." I lifted myself up on the cabinet and studied how to get up over the beds and other things with out dying. I saw a bed completely flat and then another cabinet right in front of it. I carefully stepped onto the bed. As I stepped on to it the wheels started to move. "How we going to get back down?" Lex shouted at me. "The same way we got up...." I reached for the cabinet and then the bed slipped right underneath me but luckily I had a grip of the cabinet. I pulled myself up and saw the rest of the stairs. I hopped down and looked down at Lex. "I made it." "Yea I see that but that bed fell so how am I suppose to make it?" "Then find another way." "And how am I suppose to fine another way?" She tapped her right foot on the ground and crossed her arms. "Find another staircase, or you can attempt making your way up here." "I hate you..." She started her way up. I watched her climb up on cabinets. "Fuck!" She shook her right hand and held it with her left. "What?" "I just cut my damn hand opened on this fucking broken piece of glass." I shook my head. " Okay just get back down we'll just have to find another way." "What about my hand?!" "I'll look at it, I mean we are in a hospital." "Well hurry." She got off the two cabinets she climbed and I started my way back down. 

           Once I got back down I looked at her hand. "It's not that deep so I don't think you need stitches, just need to clean it and bandage it up." She just looked at me. "Well, lets go find another way." She nodded. We walked out and on the other side of the building was another stair entrance and exit. "Hey, what about the elevator?" I turned and saw Lex standing next to the open elevator door. "Well I doubt it works but we can try." We walked into the elevator and Lex pushed the 2, but nothing happened. "See told you....." The elevator door closed and it started to go. Lex turned to me. "What was that?" I rolled my eyes. We finally got to the second for, and as lex stepped out of the elevator, the elevator door closed ."Lexy!" "Kiki!" "Open up the door. The button isn't working." "I'll try." I heard her try to open it up and I saw a little gap but it closed up again. "I can't get it opened." "Let me try." I pulled the door but it just kept jerking close. "I can't get it either." "I'll try to find something to prop it open." "Okay." I heard footsteps move away from the elevator. I looked up and saw the top of the elevator broken. But I was to short to reach it. I looked around and saw a wheel from a bed in the corner. Maybe if I threw it where the crack was I could get opened and then maybe jump and grab the ledge. I through the wheel and it the crack and made it open up more. The wheel landed on the ground and I picked it back up and did it again. 

              After the sixth time the crack was now gone and there was this big hole. I jumped and almost made it. So this time I backed up as far as I could and ran and jumped. I got a hold of a dangling piece of the ceiling. I quickly grabbed on the top of the elevator. I pulled myself up and couldn't see anything. I felt for my phone and grabbed it out of my back pocket. I turned the flashlight on and looked for a ladder. I looked up and my light flashed at the big thing hanging from the top of the hospital. I put my flashlight back on it and looked at it. "What the fuck is that." The elevator started to move again. "Shit." It started to go faster than normal. I quickly looked for an exit. "Fuck" I looked up and saw that the fifth floor elevator doors were broken opened. I heard a loud pitched screech and buzzing. I looked at the thing and saw this giant bat thing staring right at me. It spread it wings and screeched again. The elevator stopped right under the fifth floor I jumped and pulled myself up I ran to the left toward the stairs. "Help me...." I heard someone say. I stopped in my tracks and turned around. "Help...Please." "Hello?" "Here...." I followed the voice and I walked into this room with beds flipped over and curtains ripped up, and blood just everywhere. "Hello." "Over here." I saw a hand lift up. I walked over and went around this bed. "Holy fuck...." "Help me please. " I looked down and all I saw was this girl with half of her body had been eaten, she had one arm, leg and her head. She was bleeding everywhere. "I can't help you I'm sorry." "Please....Kill...." "Kill you?" "Yes...Please." "Gun?" She pointed to a gun right by her. I picked it up and it hand six bullets left. "Alright....Ready..." She looked at me closed her eyes. I shot her heart two times and then her head once. She stopped breathing and I put the gun down. "Rest in peace." I walked out and saw infected coming out of different rooms. I walked quickly to the stair exit. I ran down the stairs, luckily nothing was blocking the way so I ran straight down to the second floor. "Lex?!" I shouted. I walked down the second floor. Lexy popped out of a room and I stepped backwards. "You scared me." "Sorry....How'd you make it back up here?" "Never mind that lets get the fuck outta here." "Why?" "I'll tell you everything once we get in the car." "Okay..." She raised her eye brow and then we left. 


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