Kiki and her best friend Lexy are trying to make it to Italy to find Kiki's brother before their time runs out.
But will they make it? read to find out


5. Five Kiki

                Walking back to the car I looked down at Lex's hand that she cut open. "I see that you cleaned your hand." "Yea I did it when I was looking for something to open up the door for you." "Oh, well I totally forgot about your hand until now." "Yea I almost did too but I hit it on something." I said nothing else until we got into the car and we were on the road again. "So tell me what happened...." Lex said. I told her everything. "So this means we aren't dealing with just infected but with mutated things?" "I guess so, which is scary." "Hell yea it is....I'm going in the back to go to bed." "Alright." 

              An hour or so later I pulled into this empty parking lot and parked the car. I fell asleep with the windows slightly opened so we had a breeze going through the car. I looked up at the full moon and it was just so beautiful. I looked over at my family photo. "I love you guys." I said to myself and fell asleep. 

"kiki, wake up." I felt lex slap my arm. "Damn Lex that shit actually hurt." I frowned. "Cry me a river....lets get going." "Alright, pass me a water and granola bar." She went through the bag and grabbed what I wanted and got back up front with me. I quickly ate my granola bar and drank some warm water to flush it down. I started up the car and then we left to continue our way up to New York.

"We need some music." "Well the radio doesn't work and there's only my dads country music CDs." "Damn, well is their any music place's close by so that we can stop at to get some good music?" "Check the map." "Ugh why not just put it in your GPS on your phone?!" "Because my phone is charging and we're in the middle of no where with no connection." She sighed in anger and then pulled out the map. "Well there's a record place I would say about two hours from here." "Okay well I'm sure we'll pass it so we can stop and get what we need and leave." "Okay...." She opened up a Johnny Cash CD and put it in. "This will just have to do...." I chuckled and turned it up.


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