Kiki and her best friend Lexy are trying to make it to Italy to find Kiki's brother before their time runs out.
But will they make it? read to find out


11. Eleven Jake

          I woke up in the middle of the night to a loud bang sound. I got up into the wheelchair to check it out. Arsen and Kiki were dead asleep so I grabbed the gun he had and went to go make sure nothing serious was going on. I wheeled out of the room and I saw something down the hall to the right of me. I went down there with the gun ready. As I got closer I noticed that it was an infected. It turned and looked at me. "Mom...." She growled. Foam spit from her mouth and her eye's were red. But her face was my mom's face. The only reason I knew she was my mom was because she had this medium sized mole on the left of her face right under her ear. She started to come at me. I held the gun and I shook. Before I could shoot she knocked me out of my wheel chair and bit me right in the ribs. "Aaah Fuck!" I shot her in the head and she fell next to me. I shot her in the heart. She stopped breathing and she finally fully died. I saw something I never saw that night. My poor infected mother turned into herself. Her skin was soft and tan, and her cheeks were colored. Her eyes opened and her crystal blue eyes looked at me. "Mom?" "You're dying...." "What?" "You're hallucinating....Wake up...." 

            I opened my eyes to the dead mother I saw originally. I was just seeing things? I questioned myself. Sharp pains shot through my side and up my arm. "Aaah..." I got up in the wheel chair and went back to the room. Surprisingly the two were dead asleep still. I grabbed some peroxide from the backpack and bandaged's. I took my shirt off and looked at the bite. The teeth marks went in my skin deep, and I already started to feel sick. My skin was turning into a pale blue. I poured the peroxide on the bite and help my scream in. I wrapped up the bite and then everything went black.

             I woke up to the light glowing in my eyes. I stood up and my body moved. I grunted and wobbled my way out of the room. "I'm an infected now....So this is what it's like?" You're thoughts and memories are stuck in your head and you can't talk or walk. Where's Arsen and Kiki? My body moved to random area's as I thought of things. I had a glimpse out of the window and saw Lex getting out of the car with that guy and girl.

              Soon enough I heard the stairs door open and shut close. Arsen and Kiki were walking into the room. My body moved fast toward them. I couldn't stop it which sucked. Then Lex and the other two came in. Nick saw me. "Fuck!" He drew a gun on me and the last thing I heard was Arsen yelling stop, and then I saw nothing but blackness and my own death for the second time. 

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