Kiki and her best friend Lexy are trying to make it to Italy to find Kiki's brother before their time runs out.
But will they make it? read to find out


8. Eight Jake

           Arsen stood up as a group of three people came out of this black car. "Who are you?" Arsen asked with a determine look. "I'm Shy..." A mixed girl with curly hair said. "I'm Nick." A guy with thick black hair said. "And I'm Hayden. Call me Hay for short." A guy with long dirty blonde dreads said. They were some what dirty, and tired. They guys seemed tough but easy to get along with and the girl was pretty and kept to her self. "Who are you?" Hayden asked "I'm Arsen." "I'm Jake." "I'm Lex." "And I'm Kiki." "Interesting....So where y'all headed?" Hayden said. Hayden seemed to be the one in charge because the other two stayed quiet and further back from Hayden. "Canada." Arsen did all the talking. "Why Canada?" "There's a safe place up there." "Oh okay...." "What about you guys?" "The water man...Finding us a boat and living out in the water until we find a mystery island." "What about food and water?" "We've been collecting for the pass four months. We don't eat much of it nor do we drink much of our water. We're all set so we just need a boat." "Good luck finding one that works." "Thanks man..." Hayden patted Arsen on the shoulder. "Hey I know where you could get a working boat." Lex said standing up. "Where?" "Back at my house in Kentucky my dad has this decent size boat that y'all could use." "That's great news....You should come with us." "I would love to live on a boat..." "Well this is your chance. We can feed one more." "I'll defiantly think about it." The dark clouds rolled in and we felt the rain start to come. "You've got to be kidding me." Arsen said. The rain started to come down faster and harder. "Well looks like we'll have to stay here." Arsen said locking up the truck. Kiki did the same and so did Hayden we all ran into the building where you pick up maps and ask questions. Arsen and Hayden scoped out the place to see if any infected we here. They came back and said there was nothing. Hayden found the keys and locked the doors. We all stayed in the seating area.

              That night we all talked and got to know everyone. The new people were nice and came all the way from Cali.The rain got harder as the night went on and when we all decided to get some rest the rain was slowing down. I couldn't sleep that night so I just laid there in the dark staring at the ceiling. Lex and Kiki got up and went over by the counter by the customer service center. I heard them talking. "Are you seriously going to leave with them Lex?" "I'm really thinking about it. I always wanted to live on a boat and on a private island, and plus they don't know where I use to live." "So we bump into some strange people and now you wanna leave me. How am I suppose to know the guy's won't ditch me at the airport? I'll be alone." "Well you're the one that wants to go to Italy, not me...I came with you cause I had no where else to go, and now here's my chance to go do something with the rest of my life." "I just thought you were my best friend Lex." "Don't give me that pity party shit Kiki. You are but this world is shit and I don't feel like running around all the time. I wanna live my life before it gets taken away from those things out there. I'm going to go with them and you just can't do nothing about it, and I'm sorry." Lex walked back to where she was laying down and kiki sat up against a wall. I felt bad for her. See the night that we first bumped into each other kiki and I talked a lot. She told me why she's going to Italy and talked about her family. Her mom died and she had to kill her own father. That's tough as hell and now her only friend that is still alive is walking out of her life. I looked over at Kiki and she didn't cry she just sat there staring outside. 

                 The sun came up and it was a very sunny morning. Arsen woke up everyone and we all went outside to leave. Kiki and Lex said nothing at all to each other. "So you coming with us?" Hayden asked Lex. "Yes I'm coming with you guys." "Awesome." Kiki seemed depressed. Arsen looked at me and back at Kiki. Kiki got in her car with out saying goodbye to Lex. "Well guys it was nice to meet y'all." Hayden said while standing by the driver's door. "Same here..." Arsen said helping me in the back. "See ya around!" Hayden got in the car and Lex got in with out saying anything to us. Arsen got in the truck and started it up. Hayden and them left and we followed Kiki to New York. 

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