Fallen Angels

Andy runs into a girl who he soons to find out is a fallen angel will he tell her that he is one or not


1. Who...

Andy's POV::

I heard something coming from behind me. I turned around but nothing. I felt chills down my spin and spinned around but nothing. I felt a little funky. I didn't know what was going on and felt a little unconformable. I saw something run in front of me. I looked the way it ran. For some reason there still was nothing. Then i heard a girl laughing. I looked in the direction of were the voice is coming from. I saw a cute girl. Around my age and tall. She was pretty skinny and beautiful. She saw me staring I think "whats a little boy like you doing out here in the cold so late at night" she smiled brightly

"um just going for a walk i needed space."

"hmm could i walk with you at all or no"

"sure i guess" i shrugged my shoulders and we started walking but she was walking on the wired fence that was becide me most of the time. She was perfectly balanced on the fence though. It was amazing. I never seen a human do that ever and I mean ever. I looked at her again she was smiling then she jumped of the fence with a perfect landing.

"so why literally are you out here and tell me the truth no lies."

"um i just going for a walk in town really i mean it" i sighed "i feel alone sometimes so i need a walk to calm me down"

"well then" she smiled "whats your name"

"andy biersack and you"

"Catiline Katy" she smiled sitting on the wall near by and smiled "so andy biersack have you heard of fallen angles"

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