Dragonball Z: Wild Eyes

He had thought their race was beyond saving. Even if he could gain enough power to surpass Frieza and kill him, where would that leave the noble Saiyan race? There was no way to continue his noble bloodline; even clones would be impure and not pure Saiyan. Then he met her. She was the last female in the entire galaxy. He HAD to make her his. He HAD to continue the mighty Vegeta bloodline. Would he succeed...or will his lose himself and his purpose in those wild eyes?


1. Unexpected and Unprepared

How much longer did he have to put up with this? This infuriating enslavement? Being treated like a dog? He had answers to none of these questions as he stormed down the hall towards his living quarters. He passed many types of aliens on his way there. Most had bulbous heads covered in spots. Others looked similar to him, without the tail and black eyes. Some aliens, he could not describe. They were grotesque and unimportant. The prince of all Saiyans mustn't be seen showing interest in the likes of them. It would give them a false feeling of importance when in all actuality, the dirt beneath his feet had more of his respect. They should all feel honored being in his presence! However, Prince Vegeta was reduced to a mere slave to the tyrant known as Frieza. He snarled as he silently reminded himself that his lord's eyes were everywhere. If he showed any signs of weakness, his enemies would not hesitate to boost their own power by attempting to take him out. Vegeta had to be careful.

As the door to his room hissed open, he glared at the fancy bed and closet. On the left wall stood a large bookcase filled with educational novels about his owner and his disgusting family lineage as well as their exploits. On the right wall sat a glass table with a matching padded seat. A small bowl of neon colored fruit adorned the table, and the prince's stomach roared at the sigh of it. Picking up the largest fruit he could find, he bit into it and licked the juice off his chin. Unwrapping his long tail from around his waist, he let it wave gently behind him.

Suddenly, his door hissed open once against to reveal a tall alien with light teal skin and long green hair braided down his back. Like Vegeta, he wore blue and white armor. Unlike the prince, however, this alien had a long cape billowing out behind him.

"Vegeta," he said, almost purring as his eyes fell upon the Saiyan prince, "Lord Frieza demands the presence of you and your monkeys."

"Zarbon," the prince snarled, his black eyes flashing with anger, "How dare you enter my quarters without permission!"

"You act as though I need it, you stupid ape," the green alien giggled, his earrings waving slightly, "gather the rest of your pitiful pack. Frieza said at once."

As soon as he was out of sight, Vegeta gave a snarl and clenched his fists. It was creatures like Zarbon who really irked him. He was Frieza's right hand (though there had been rumors floating around that he entertained Frieza as well) and thought that gave him the right to treat Vegeta and his men however he pleased.

Fighting the urge to race after the bastard and blast that smirk off his face, he finished his fruit and left his room once more. There was only one reason Frieza ever summoned all the Saiyans at once; a purge. The thought of wiping out an entire planet excited him, causing his tail to twitch in anticipation as he once again wrapped it around his waist. The other two Saiyans stayed in a room down the hall from his; one they shared. Raditz and Nappa were the last of the Saiyan warriors, along with Vegeta himself. Their beloved homeworld, Planet Vegeta, had been demolished by a large meteor shower. Vegeta and Nappa had been on Frieza's ship training at the time while Raditz had been off-world purging some tiny farming planet. Every Saiyan, excluding them, had been killed. Vegeta was four at the time. He did not mourn the loss of his father; the coward had groveled to Frieza and even gave him to the disgusting lizard in an attempts to create peace when he and his army showed up.The Saiyan race had fallen low that day, and they continued to sink further and further into humiliation. But now they faced an even bigger threat: Extinction.

Vegeta scowled as he once again thought of how they would save their race. He and his comrades were all male, so reproduction was out of the question. Even if he could, he would never mate with a low-class warrior like Raditz. If his line was to succeed, they needed elite blood. And while Nappa was indeed an elite among the Saiyans, he wasn't the brightest. Vegeta couldn't risk his offspring being anything less than perfect. His thoughts once again went to cloning. Frieza had been attempting to so the same thing, but was unsuccessful with each attempt. Vegeta shook with rage at the thought of his mighty bloodline dying out.

Opening the door to Nappa and Raditz's room, he crossed his arms and rolled his eyes. The two were fast asleep in their beds, snoring loudly. He went over to Nappa's bed first. The bald Saiyan gave a start as his prince slapped his face. Not waiting for his bodyguard to ask him what was going on, he turned towards the weakest Saiyan. Raditz was more hair than man, his black locks going all the way down to his knees and sticking out in every direction.

Grabbing his mattress the prince flipped his comrade out of the bed, earning him a surprised yelp.

"What the hell," the taller Saiyan snarled, "what's going on?"

"Frieza has demanded our presence."

"A purge," Nappa smirked, "finally! I was getting bored just sitting around."

Nodding in agreement, Vegeta led the way towards the throne room.


"Ah, my beloved pets," Vegeta held back a snarl as he knelt before the throne, "I know you three have been eager for a purge. There is this large planet in the southwest Gamma quadrant that trains elite warriors such as yourselves. If I recall, the highest power level was 22,000."

Zarbon smirked when he noticed Vegeta stiffen. The prince wanted nothing more than to fight powerful opponents. It was in his primal nature to destroy anything that might be more powerful than him. Perhaps that was why their race was so inferior. Oh,who was he kidding? Everything about these disgusting monkeys was inferior to his beauty and power. Why Frieza let them live was beyond him.

"But that planet would have proven too difficult for you weak little monkeys," Frieza gave a wicked chuckle, his tail lashing in amusement as the three Saiyans fought to hold back their snarls of anger, "so I sent the Ginyu Force instead."

Vegeta squeezed his eyes shut,his knuckles grinding into the floor. He shouldn't be surprised. Frieza loved to tease him after all; dangling a strong opponent in his face like a hunk of meat and then yanking it away.

"I found something much more your speed," the tyrant smirked, his eyes narrowing, "a large asteroid in the Beta quadrant. The only life is a bunch of animals with power levels ranging 200 to 850. You should fit right in."

Raditz gritted his teeth in attempts to keep his tongue in check. Nappa kept a close eye on Vegeta, ready to hold him back should he do anything stupid. The prince would punish him severely for it, he knew, but his father's last wish was for him to keep the boy safe. And he would obey his king even in death.

"You mission begins at once," Frieza dismissed them with a wave of his hand, "I'll give you three days to have some fun. Do not fail me."

"Yes," the Saiyans spoke in unison, "Lord Frieza."

As they left the throne room, Vegeta let loose the snarl he had been holding in his throat. Raditz slammed his fist into the wall, creating a large dent. Nappa clenched his fists, his anger vein appearing beside his right eye.

"I can't believe he's sending us to some asteroid," the largest Saiyan snarled, "he's holding us back! Keeping our power levels in check! Those animals won't even give us a good workout."

"Look at it this way," Vegeta took a deep breath, scowling, "at least we'll get a decent meal out of this."

Raditz shrugged, cracking his knuckles, "I can't believe our race is groveling to that worm."

"Quiet," Nappa snapped, lowering his voice to a whisper as two soldiers walked by, eyeing them coldly, "don't go getting yourself killed. We need to preserve what's left of our race."

"Be a lot easier with a female," the low-class warrior smirked, "and a lot more fun."

"If there were a female," the prince snarled, "she would be mine. Unless she was a low-class warrior, then I'd give her to Nappa. At least he'd produce a brat the Saiyans could be proud of."

Raditz frowned, completely aware of the power gap between his two comrades and himself. Challenging either of them would be suicide. He figured the best thing would be to keep his mouth shut and bide his time until he got stronger. Much like Vegeta was doing against Frieza.

As the trio entered the pod chamber, they were greeted with smirks and sneers from five aliens led by a large purple man with black horns.

"As I was saying, boys," the purple alien smirked, turning back to his men, "this planet we're purging is full of guys with high power levels! We're sure to become more powerful after wiping them out!"

Vegeta ignored Ginyu as he climbed into his pod.

"Heard you lot are going to do some pest control," one of the shorter aliens mocked in a heavy accent, "try not to have too much fun."

"Now Jeice," Ginyu smirked as he noticed Raditz tense, "both of our jobs are equally important. After all, we wouldn't want to animals to grow out of control, do we?"

"Makes perfect sense though," the blue alien chuckled, "sending an animal to hunt other animals."

"That does it-"

"Raditz," Nappa snapped, "get in your pod. We need to get moving."

Growling, the Saiyan backed away from the smirking group of aliens and into his pod. Shaking his head, the bald Saiyan climbed into his own pod and buckled in.


Six hours later, Vegeta's pod filled with a sweet smelling gas. His eyes opened to a disgusting sight. The asteroid was about as large as a small planetoid. The surface was a dull red color with what appeared to be neon orange water.

"Are you awake, my prince," Nappa's voice came through the communicator, "we're approaching the asteroid. It's strange, though. The power levels aren't what Frieza told us they'd be."

"Are they lower than expected?"

"No," he could have sworn he heard the smirk in the other Saiyan's voice, "the lowest power level is 1,500."

"And the highest?"

"It keeps fluctuating," came the response, "but the highest it's gone is 17,000."

"Really? This might just be an interesting job after all."

Vegeta waited impatiently as his pod landed on the asteroid's surface. A power level of 17,000; that certainly caught his attention. True, it was nothing compared to his own level 18,000, but it would certainly prove to be an interesting fight.

As the pod landed, he nearly let out a gasp of surprise. The ground was covered in the bodies of the dead. Some being dead for a day or so while others looked much more recent.

Leaving the pod, Vegeta kicked a nearby body causing it to roll onto its back. Behind him, he could hear Nappa and Raditz joining him.

"They're wearing the armor of Cooler's army," Raditz voiced the prince's observation, "what are they doing here?"

"More importantly," Nappa glanced around, "what killed them?"

"We're not going to find out just standing here," Vegeta scoffed, taking flight, "let's go."


An hour of searching left the trio with nothing. Everywhere they went, massive hordes of bodies lay strewn about. Vegeta noticed that none of them appeared to have bite or claws marks, so the animals couldn't have done this. The bodies were also left alone, though normally an animal would have devoured anything it could.

"This is insane," Raditz shook his head, once again pushing a button on his scouter, "no animal could have done all this damage."

"Indeed. These soldiers wear the uniforms of the elite squads," Vegeta smirked, "whatever killed them must be strong indeed."

Nappa chuckled, "Either that or Cooler's army isn't what he makes it out to be."

"Very true," the prince slowed down, "let's land for a bit and see if we can find anything."

Following their leader, the trio landed beside a large grove of trees with yellow leaves and dark green fruit. Raditz reached for one and gave it a sniff.

"Do you think it's safe to eat?"

Before Vegeta could dare him to taste it, a soft chuckle filled the air, "Only if you want to remain paralyzed for ten hours or so."

The three Saiyans whipped around to the most peculiar sight. The figure was tall, standing a few inches higher than Vegeta, with black eyes and long hair that stopped just below her shoulder blades. She wore fur clothing with boots made from some type of lizard, and carried a large sword made from a giant tooth and a smooth stone. Vegeta's eyes widened in shock as he noticed her long monkey tail dragging a groaning soldier by the neck. He clawed feebly at the fur trying to free himself while shooting pleading looks at the prince and his men.

"It used to be we never got visitors to the asteroid," she said in a challenging tone, "now, it seems, they arrives in battalions. Tell me, do you work with these men? You wear similar armor, yet there is something familiar about you."

"I am Raditz," Vegeta nearly snarled as the low-class Saiyan approached the female with a smirk, "a Saiyan warrior."

"I did not speak to you, trash," she snapped, "I need no scouter to know that you are beneath me."

Vegeta nearly chuckled as his comrade growled low in his throat. Nappa let out a hearty laugh as the shorter Saiyan returned to his group.

"You there," the prince lifted his chin to acknowledge the female, "I recognize you. You look like the man in the hologram."

"What are you talking about, woman?"

"Come, if it pleases you, and I will show you."

Nappa pointed at the gasping soldier, "What about him?"

Not turning, the woman's tail tightened around her enemy's throat until a loud snap could be hear.

Dropping the now dead soldier, she smirked, "What about him?"

Vegeta laughed this time, long and loud. Oh yes, this woman was certainly a Saiyan. But what was she doing here? And who was this "man in the hologram" she spoke of?

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