Dragonball Z: Wild Eyes

He had thought their race was beyond saving. Even if he could gain enough power to surpass Frieza and kill him, where would that leave the noble Saiyan race? There was no way to continue his noble bloodline; even clones would be impure and not pure Saiyan. Then he met her. She was the last female in the entire galaxy. He HAD to make her his. He HAD to continue the mighty Vegeta bloodline. Would he succeed...or will his lose himself and his purpose in those wild eyes?


2. Those Wild Eyes

As Vegeta walked beside the woman, he looked over every inch of her. She had a lithe build, but was well muscled in the right places, she had developed considerably well in the chest area, and she held herself with pride. He wasn't sure who she was, but surely she came from an elite bloodline. Her eyes, however, seemed just as primal as the asteroid itself. Just how long was she here?

"What is your name, woman," Vegeta asked, "what bloodline do you hail from?"

"I have no name," she replied, "I was given this assignment a day after I was born. No one had time to name me. I do, however, come from the line of Umber Cue. Or so the hologram tells me."

That was a name he knew well. Umber Cue was one of his father's most trusted generals and an elite warrior. Umber had been the one to lead the first counter attack against Frieza's invaders. He, along with 400 other Saiyans, were lost in battle.

"Here we are," she said, pointing to an old pod hidden in some bushes, "follow me."

Nappa watched as Vegeta walked beside this stranger, his attention riveted on her every move.

He's looking for flaws, he realized, is he planning to mate with her?

He then noticed Raditz also staring at her with hungry eyes. The younger Saiyan smirked as she bent over to press a button. The pod opened with a series of squeaks and groans.

"The pod has been badly damaged," she explained, "I was caught in an meteor shower as I tried to leave."

Pressing another button, a small holographic image appeared. The man looked just like Vegeta, but older and with a beard and mustache.

"Greetings, daughter of General Umber Cue. You have been tasked with the removal of all life on this desolate rock. When you have finished, the pod will return you to Planet Vegeta. Failure is not an option. Do your race proud."

"My father," Vegeta snarled, "always a man of few words."

"How did you survive all these years alone," Raditz asked, gazing around, "looks like you killed off the animals long ago."

"I did," she nodded, "I have been surviving off their meat. There is a cave not far from here made entirely out of ice," she pointed to a large hill in the distance, "it kept the meat fresh."

Vegeta's eyes once again traveled the length of her body. Oh yes, she would provide worthy heirs.

"Are you hungry," her voice startled him, "I could cook something for you all."

"We could use a good meal," Nappa nodded, "what do you think Vegeta?"

He smirked, "Very well. We have three days to kill. A meal wouldn't hurt us."

Rising into the air, the four Saiyans arrived at the cave in no time at all. The woman landed first, entering the cave and returning shortly with a large hunk of meat.

"You there," she snapped at Raditz, "make yourself useful and gather some wood for a fire."

"How dare you-"

"Raditz," Vegeta snarled, giving him a shove, "get to it!"

Growling, the low class Saiyan took to the air and flew off.

"What kind of meat is this," Nappa asked, giving it a sniff, "I don't recognize it."

"It came from the largest beast this asteroid had. It stood as tall as I did in my Great Ape form," the woman smirked at the memory, "and its meat is the best tasting."

Nappa could feel the drool beginning to pour into his mouth at the thought of fresh meat.

"How long have I been here," she asked, causing her guests to glance at each other in uncertainty, "do you have any idea?"

"I do not," Vegeta sighed, "though, judging by your story, I'd say you ere sent her a day or two before the destruction of Planet Vegeta."

She froze, "Destruction? So, my family and all of my people are...gone?"

The prince nodded, "A meteor shower destroyed it. What you see now is the last of our race."

At that moment, Raditz returned carrying two large trees.

"Woman," he snapped, "is this enough?"

"Bastard," Nappa snarled, "treat her with more respect!"

He snorted, setting down the trees and lighting them with a Ki blast, "She's just a female. Umber's daughter or not, she was obviously sent here because she's weak."

Vegeta smirked as the woman leaped at his comrade with a snarl. Grabbing his throat, she turned and slammed him against the ground. Lifting him by the hair, she continued to slam him against anything she possibly could. Vegeta's scouter continued to beep at her shifting power levels. It capped at 17,000. So she was the high power level Nappa sensed earlier.

Good, he thought, my heirs will be strong indeed. I couldn't have picked a more suitable female myself.

"All right woman," he chuckled, noticing Raditz hanging unconscious in her hand, "we're hungry. Get to cooking."

"Of course, my prince."

Dropping Raditz, she lifted the meat and held it over the fire. Within moments, the ice had melted away to release a sweet smell into the air. Vegeta couldn't help himself as he took a long inhale through his nose. The woman gave a small smile as she pulled the now fully cooked meat off the fire and handed it to the prince. As he dug in, she retreated back into the cave to retrieve more meat to cook. She knew how Saiyan appetites were and how much these males needed. Thank goodness she had conserved whatever she could.

A groan told her Raditz was awake. Smirking at his glare, she turned and grabbed a large leg from one of the larger insects that had once roamed the area. Taking a few minutes to cook it, she tossed it his way and smiled as he dug in. While the three males ate, she studied them.

Raditz, she knew, was a low-class Saiyan with barely any power. He kept gazing at her with lust, only to receive a warning glare from the much larger Nappa. Nappa's own power level matched hers, though she knew fighting him would be a chore. As for Vegeta, the prince was no doubt out of her league. She'd more than likely give him a run for his money, but ultimately would fail. The power gap between the pair was without a doubt noticeable.

"Like what you see," she blinked, realizing she had been staring at the prince, "woman?"

She smirked back at him, "I'd be a fool not to, my prince. You are certainly attractive."

"Good," he nodded in approval, "because as of this moment, you are my mate."

She scoffed, "I am flattered, but I will have to decline."

Nappa choked on the food in his mouth while Raditz froze mid-bite. Did she just say no to Vegeta?!


"I said no," she repeated, "I understand you want to continue our race, but I am afraid I am not worthy enough to bear you children. With your permission, I'd like to become stronger before becoming your mate."

Vegeta blinked various times before bursting into a fit of laughter. This woman was very strange, but he liked her spirit.

"Very well," he said, waving his hand, "but I will not wait forever, woman. In the meantime, bring me more food."

"Yes, your majesty."


Vegeta soared across the barren wasteland towards a particularly large lake. The woman had cooked breakfast for them that morning, nearly running out of food. They'd have to return to Frieza soon. He growled when he realized that by bringing her with them, he'd be introducing her into a life of servitude. He knew she couldn't stay on the asteroid, however, and told himself he'd drag her back with him if he had to.

Thoughts of the wild eyed woman drifted into his thoughts as he landed beside the lake. She had refused him because she was weak.

"Well," he sighed, pulling off his armor, "at least she can sense our power gap."

The prince slowly climbed into the water, surprised by how warm it was. Leaning against the shore, he allowed himself to soak in peace and closed his eyes. How had she survived all those years alone? No one to talk to. Nothing to kill. He was positive he'd have gone crazy if their places were switched.

"My prince?"

His eyes snapped open as he gazed up to see the woman hovering over him.

"What the hell do you want?"

"Nappa was looking for you," she said, bowing her head, "he says someone named Zarbon is trying to contact you."

Snarling, Vegeta climbed out of the lake and proceeded to dress himself. What could that bastard want now?

Putting on his scouter, he clicked a button on the side and snapped, "What?"

"Watch your tone, you insolent monkey," Zarbon purred back, "Lord Frieza wants to know what is taking so long. Are those animals giving you that much trouble?"

"Oh, well forgive us for having a decent meal," he snarled into the microphone, "we still have a day to finish this job...or in this case, our meal."

"Interesting, because we just got a message from Lord Cooler. Apparently all the squads he sent to that asteroid have failed to check in. What exactly are you eating, Vegeta?"

"I'll explain it when I return. Frieza will need to see this for himself."

Hanging up on the elite, Vegeta turned towards the woman, who still hovered above him. Giving her a glare, he nearly smirked as she quickly descended and knelt before him. Good, she knew her place.

"Woman," her tail twitched in acknowledgement, "how would you like to leave this pitiful rock?"

"Nothing would make me happier, my lord."

"Good," he rubbed his chin, "I suppose I'll have to give you a name if you are to be traveling with us from now on. It wouldn't be fitting to call an elite "woman" all the time."

"I would be honored to receive any name you deem fit to give me."

He thought for many moments, trying to decide what name to give the feral Saiyan. Kneeling down, he lifted her chin and gazed intently into her eyes; those blazing, wild eyes.

"Okora," he finally said, "you shall be called Okora now."

"Okora," she repeated, giving a small smile before bowing, "thank you, my lord."

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