Dragonball Z: Wild Eyes

He had thought their race was beyond saving. Even if he could gain enough power to surpass Frieza and kill him, where would that leave the noble Saiyan race? There was no way to continue his noble bloodline; even clones would be impure and not pure Saiyan. Then he met her. She was the last female in the entire galaxy. He HAD to make her his. He HAD to continue the mighty Vegeta bloodline. Would he succeed...or will his lose himself and his purpose in those wild eyes?


3. Pride and Punishment

Vegeta opened his pod and primed the engines. Nappa and Raditz had already climbed into their pods, leaving Okora to stand outside awaiting orders.

"Hey Okora," Raditz leaned out to smirk at her, "you could ride with me."

"I'd rather chew off my own tail," she snarled, earning a laugh from Nappa, "Nappa, may I share a pod with you?"

"Sure," he chuckled, trying his best to move over, "climb in."

"You'd never fit," Vegeta snapped, grabbing their attention, "you'll ride with me."

"If you think that's best, my prince."

As she made a move to climb in, Vegeta grasped her wrist. She gasped as he pulled her into his lap her back pressed tightly against his chest as the seatbelt swung over her breasts. Vegeta felt her heart racing, causing him to smirk slightly. She may have been an elite, but she was also a woman who grew up without any living contact aside from the animals and soldiers she had slaughtered.

The pods slowly lifted into the air, causing a soft blue smoke to pour into the cockpit. Vegeta held his breath as Okora breathed in the sweet mist. Within moments, she had nodded off. As soon as she lay unconscious in his arms, Vegeta's hands began to explore every inch of her. He felt the muscles on her arms and legs, satisfied with what he found. His tail intertwined with hers, sending a chill through his spine as he felt hers tighten. She gave a soft sigh, turning in the seatbelt to lay her head on his shoulder. Noticing the straps tighten on her breast, he unbuckled the belts and allowed her to move until she was comfortable.

Vegeta wrapped his arm around her shoulders, burying his nose into her hair and inhaling the smell it brought. She smelled just like the asteroid with a hint of blood. She smelled like a Saiyan. He smiled. This woman would bear him plenty of strong, pure Saiyan warriors. He hoped for a son, but would not say no to a talented daughter. he thought back to what she had said last night.

I am not worthy to be your mate. Please allow me to grow stronger.

To Vegeta, she was far more worthy than any Saiyan female he could remember seeing growing up on Planet Vegeta. She was loyal, brave, and respectful. Shewas the embodiment of what a true female Saiyan should be. Most females would jump at the chance to become Vegeta's mate, but not her. She wanted to become stronger for him, and he admired that. Of course, he'd never say such things out loud.

"Okora," he blinked as a voice whispered through the comm system, "are you awake?"

"What do you want, Raditz?"

There was a pause, making Vegeta wonder if Raditz looked as surprised as he imagined.

"I just wanted to make sure she was comfortable, Vegeta. No need to get territorial."

"Listen up, low-class scum, this woman is none of your concern. If you make any attempts to mate with her, I shall castrate you!"

There was a small growl on the other end of the line before it went dead. Vegeta smirked, proud of himself. Whether it be in battle or an argument, he loved to win and the feeling it brought him. He glanced down at her sleeping form on his lap. She looked peaceful, her breathing slow and rhythmic. He wasn't aware how much time had passed until the second gas poured into the cabin. Okora's eyes fluttered open, surprised at how close her face was to her prince's.

She blinked in confusion, giving Vegeta a perfect view of the fire burning within her orbs.

"Welcome back Vegeta," a voice snickered into the speaker, "Lord Frieza has demanded your presence at once along with the rest of your fleabags."

Okora glared at the speaker, baring her canines, "How dare they treat our people this way."

"That's how things are now," she glanced at Vegeta in shock, "we are the slaves of Frieza. His pawns in his quest for galactic conquest. He will not stop until he control the entire universe, and we are the tools for his plans."

Okora gave a snarl, glancing out the front of the pod as it landed. Vegeta couldn't help but smile. This woman was truly a Saiyan.

As the three pods opened, Okora climbed out and stood aside for Vegeta. A group of gasps caused her to notice a small team of five aliens.

"Well I'll be damned," the largest one chuckled, stepping forward to inspect the newcomer, "I didn't think you'd find another monkey on that asteroid. And a female at that."

"Quite the looker," the red skinned alien chuckled, licking his lips, "eh, Captain Ginyu?"

Okora snarled as Ginyu smirked at her before grabbing her hand to kiss the back of it, "I am Ginyu, Captain of the Ginyu Force. What is your name?"

She glanced back at Vegeta, who merely nodded, "Okora. My name is Okora."

"Okora," Ginyu repeated slowly, kissing her hand once more, "I like it. Well, Okora, welcome to the Frieza Army."

Yanking her hand away, the female merely turned and attempted to storm back to Vegeta's side. Suddenly, she felt all the air leave her lungs. Giving a cry of pain, she fell to one knee as a small chuckle came from behind.

"Guldo," Vegeta snarled, dropping into an attack crouch, "get your filthy hands off her!"

"Captain," Guldo ignored the snarling male, "her tail is much softer than Vegeta's. Have a feel."

Okora held back the scream as she felt a much larger hand stroke her fur. Falling forward, she tried her best to stay on her hands and knees. Across from her, Raditz and Nappa also prepared themselves for battle and snarled.

"Wow," Ginyu laughed, moving aside so the rest of his men could touch the female's tail, "you're right, Guldo. It'd make a lovely fur scarf."

"Leave her alone!"

Leaping forward, Vegeta attempted to slam his fist into Ginyu's jaw. Smirking, Ginyu grabbed the prince's wrist and sent him flying over his head.

"Vegeta," Okora gasped out as she saw her prince crash into a pile of spare parts, "bastards! You'll pay for that!"

Forcing herself to her feet, Okora turned and slammed her heel into Guldo's skull. The little green alien released her tail as he was sent flying away. Now that it was free, the Saiyan quickly wrapped it around her waist and snarled at the remaining members of the Ginyu Force.

"Bitch," Jeice snarled, "take this!"

"Ginyu," the entire docking bay fell silent as a silky voice gave a short snap, "what is going on here?"

Jeice, who had stopped his attack, gave a cry of fright as he felt a muscled arm wrap around his neck, the hand grasping his chin. The other hand wrapped itself around his forehead.



Okora glared at the purple alien, tightening her grip on his comrade who had begun to claw at her hands. The new voice belonged to none other than Frieza himself, who stared wide eyed at Okora. Behind him, Zarbon watched the scene unfold with slight horror. The Ice-jinn shivered as her eyes fell upon him. Those eyes were not like those of Vegeta or his men. They were feral, they were cold, and they were wild.

"Okora," the female turned towards the sound of Vegeta's voice as he pulled himself from the pile, "release him, now!"

Nodding, she removed her hands from Jeice's head. The redheaded alien scurried back to the safety of his teammates.

"Vegeta," Frieza forced a smirk, "I was wondering what was taking you so long. Who is this?"

"Her name is Okora, my lord," Vegeta answered as he fell to one knee before the tyrant, "my men and I found her on the asteroid. She was sent there as a baby. Her ship was damaged and she had been stuck there her entire life. All the animals were killed by her."

"My brother's men too, it seems," Frieza glared at the female, not at all liking the way she held his gaze, "explain yourself, woman!"

"The men attacked me first," she said curtly, causing Vegeta to stiffen, "I was merely defending myself."

"Those were my brother's elite guards," the lizard man snarled, glaring down at Vegeta, "you expect me to believe that one woman took out all those soldiers?"

"It is the truth, my lord," Okora said, dropping to one knee beside Vegeta, "I had killed all those men before Vegeta arrived. I am responsible for those deaths. If you still do not believe me, then I will bear any punishment Vegeta and his men shall undergo along with my own."

Vegeta turned towards her in surprise, noticing Frieza do the same.

"You're crazy," Zarbon chuckled, "all that punishment will kill you."

"Then I shall die an honorable death protecting my prince."

The room fell silent, all gazes traveling to Frieza. Vegeta, however, glared at his new companion. Stupid woman! If she died, so did his chance of continuing his line.

Suddenly, Frieza gave a fit of hysterical laughter, "What an odd woman. Very well, I shall honor your request. Zarbon, take her to solitary confinement. Eight days, two for each Saiyan, with no food or water. As for Vegeta and his men, they shall remain confined to their rooms until her punishment is up. If you survive, then I shall allow you to become a part of Vegeta's team. If not, then I shall kill Vegeta and his men as well. Do you understand these terms?"

"I do."

Vegeta fought the snarl in his throat as Zarbon reached forward to grab her wrist. The prince gazed after her, their eyes locking for a moment before she disappeared around the corner.


She sat in the center of the room, legs crossed and arms folded. Her stomach roared, yet she ignored it. Back on the asteroid, she had forced herself to go without food for many days. Not only did it save her food, but it also helped her train. Starvation was a common problem for stranded Saiyans. Due to her training, Okora had learned to go without food for many days. However, the most she had gone was six. She wasn't sure how much time had passed in the small room, but she was certain it was more than six days if her stomach was complaining this much. The moment Zarbon had locked the door after throwing her inside, she had sat down and had not moved since. Moving was out of the question. By limiting her movement, she limited how much energy she used. She slept were she sat, usually waking up after a few hours.

Okora concentrated on her breathing rather than her hunger. It didn't help. She wondered how Vegeta was fairing. Certainly this Frieza had not harmed him. The punishment was hers and hers alone, correct? She recalled how furious her prince looked when she offered to bear the full punishment. If she died, he would too. She would not allow that to happen.

Suddenly, a great creaking came from before her. Opening her eyes, she glared at Zarbon as he entered the room.

"I'll be damned," he chuckled, taking in her weakened appearance, "you survived. I owe Dodoria some money. Can you stand, beast?"

Nodding, Okora pulled herself to her feet. The room spun about her, yet she forced herself to stay upright. Gently wrapping her tail around her waist, she held her head high as she followed Zarbon out into the brightly lit hallway. Blinking, she felt his smooth fingers wrap themselves around her wrist. He tugged gently, leading her down the hall. As they passed by numerous members of the Frieza Army, they avoided the female's venomous glare.

"Okora," she glanced forward to see Raditz rushing towards her, "thank the gods you're okay. Zarbon! Get your claws off her before I rip it off and beat you to death with it!"

"Big talk for such a weak Saiyan."

Growling, the male clenched his fists. Suddenly, Okora ripped her wrist out of Zarbon's grasp. Straightening herself, she walked to Raditz's side and turned to nod farewell to the alien.

"Well," he chuckled, "at least one of you monkeys knows your place. Don't forget, Raditz, that woman bore the punishment meant for you and your pitiful pack."

Giving one final growl, Raditz wrapped a sturdy arm around Okora's shoulders and led her away. Any other time, she would have pushed him away; however, she was grateful for the support.

"Let's get some food in you."

"I need to report to Prince Vegeta."

"To hell with Vegeta," Raditz snarled, "you need food before you die!"

Knowing she was too weak to argue, Okora merely nodded and followed Raditz into the mess hall. A few soldiers sat at various tables, looking curiously at the female in the Saiyan's arm. He led her to a table and helped her sit down. Without a moment's haste, he hurried off to fill a plate for her. The cook, a disturbing thing of undefined gender, gave him a perplexed look as he continued to point to items he wanted piled onto the plate.

As he turned back towards her, Raditz paused when he noticed a group of soldiers standing around her. Swallowing a growl, he stormed up behind them and cleared his throat. Turning, the smaller beings flinched and scurried off. Setting the plate before the female, he almost chuckled as she dived in. Pulling up a chair, he sat next to her and watched as the food disappeared at astonishing speed.

Suddenly, Okora picked up a large round fruit and placed it in front of him.

"Eat," she ordered, "you need your strength too."

Blinking in surprise, Raditz merely smiled as he obeyed. Suddenly, the door to the hall burst open to reveal a scowling Vegeta. Nappa, who had blasted the door open with a Ki blast, stood aside for his prince and bowed. Okora leaped up from her seat and made her way to Vegeta. Dropping (stumbling, actually) to one knee, she bowed her head and waited for him to speak.

Raditz watched the scene unfold with a keen eye, ready to jump in at a moment's notice.

"You are a very stupid female," the prince snarled, crossing his arms, "we could have taken that punishment easily. Frieza has done far worse to us. But you had to go and bear it all yourself. You stupid, selfish female. Do you not realize that if you had died, not only would I have but also our entire race? If you ever pull a stunt like that again, I shall punish you myself!"

Flinching at her prince's rage, Okora nodded. Nappa waited patiently for the slap that was sure to come. However, Vegeta instead knelt before the female and pulled her to her feet. Guiding her back to the table, he sat her down and went to grab her another plate of food as well as one for himself. Blinking in surprise, Nappa merely gave a small smile and followed suit. Raditz breathed a sigh of relief, laying his arms on the table. The four Saiyans spent most of the day in the hall, filling their bellies.

And as they left feeling full and content, Nappa couldn't help but notice how closely Vegeta walked beside the female.

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