SAO: The real story

Sword art online, from the beginning, with the real story between Asuna and Kirito. This is a total mixup, from the show.


14. Kirito

Five months later...

"AHHHHHH!" I swished a double backhand, to kill the troll guarding the loot. "Take that you fatty!" I laughed to myself a little. Then I got my loot, "Oh my god. It's a lost crystal hats worth so much!" Come on Kirito, go get what you came for. 

I walked over to the loot that I came for, and opened it. It was a device that could bring back a food item. Stupid, might as well throw it out. So I trashed it and moved on back to the village. 

"Hello Kirito! Back again? Haha, sorry, what can I do for you today?" I opened my inventory and got out the lost crystal. So beautiful, like Asuna. I blushed at the thought. "Ooo! A lost crystal! These things are worth a lot of levels or any thing else really." 

"Good. I need to get new gear and a sword. Are there any sword shops around here?"

"Yes there is! There is one on level 50, near your home, I believe. It's a cute one, with a cute girl working there too."

Images of Asuna flood through my mind, as I think about the so called cute girl. Did Asuna not get in? Is that her last resort, God I'm such a b*tch. Why did I leave her? Does she need my help? Calm down. "Uhhh, Kirito? Your looking worried about something. Let's go get a drink." I nodded my head.

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