SAO: The real story

Sword art online, from the beginning, with the real story between Asuna and Kirito. This is a total mixup, from the show.


2. Kirito

"Please use the menu for a keyboard." Said the machine. I swiped, and there was my menu. I logged into, Kirito. "Welcome, Kirito, to SAO. Please press start to play." I pressed play, and there I went. I am put onto the first floor, with all the other players. I look around me for familiar faces. Then I realize it. "I'm a loner." I shook off that thought. My screen was terrible! I had to adjust my focus, "much better." Whoops, said that out loud.

"Haha! Hehehe! Stop tickling me, Oroco! Heheheheh hah!" Said another player, with the name of Mina. She seemed to have been having a great time. After that encounter, I ran off into the nearest ally. That's when I met, another player. 

He were both running and then we crashed! "Watch were your going!" Said the player. "Right back at you bud!" And that was my comeback to Klein. 

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