SAO: The real story

Sword art online, from the beginning, with the real story between Asuna and Kirito. This is a total mixup, from the show.


13. Asuna

"I let him go. He let me go. I left. We had sex. Who am I? 

I thought about all the thoughts about last night. I am such a little girl! 

Come on Asuna! Wasn't Kirito great??!!!! Your 17 years old. Grow up. 

"Welcome to the Knights of Blood Oath! Come join the #1 guild! Go through the grand doors to sign up!" The loud speaker called out. I was caught off guard, walking to the guild. "Hello young lady, how are you? Are you looking into joining our guild?" Said a cool boy from the guild. I replied with: "Yeah, I am appling. I am good! Can you please show me to the sign up?" He nodded his head. 

"Here we are, test with this sword. It suits you. Also, you might want to get some of your armor on. It's useful." Said the guide. "Hey, what's your name?" I said to him. 

"I'm Sachi. And you are?" 

"Heh, I'm Asuna. Nice to meet you, Sachi." I blushed and he look embaressed. "Crap! I need to get my armor on fast! Only 10 seconds!" I blurted out. 

"Good luck Asuna. If you do join, let's fight together." He said smiling as I went through to the ring. 

"READY FIGHTERS! FIGHT, NOW!" Yelled the loud speaker. 

"Blonde! You over there! YOURE GOING DOWN." I winced. 

I looked down at the sword Sachi gave me. It was a new and non used sword! It wasn't even in the beta! Sachi, I miss him. 

I ran as fast as I could to get my opponent. He was an ugly, probably nerdy boy. With one stab, he was down. I ran to help him with a healing crystal so he wouldn't die in both worlds. "Good game, you were good. Better than I thought." Said the small boy. "Can you help me up?" I nodded. "That was fun, what's your name? I'm Asuna." He blushed and spattered out, "Reko! Arigato! Thanks for fighting me!" I smiled and was taken away to join the guild. 


To be continued.....

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