SAO: The real story

Sword art online, from the beginning, with the real story between Asuna and Kirito. This is a total mixup, from the show.


10. Asuna

After we ate the(delicious) cake, Kirito said, "Come on with me." I shook my head and followed him into his bedroom. Kirito sat down on his bed, and opened his menu. "We are continuing now." I said "let's do this." We opened our menus and stripped down into our undergarments. It was uncomfortable sitting there, getting prepared. Oh god this is it. Cool your shit, Asuna. Today's the day... In a game... Shit. Then I heard Kirito speak up, "Are we really going to do this? Well... It's in a game and all... And what if you get uncomfortable or just freak out in the mid--" 

"Kirito, it's fine. Even if this is inside the game! When we get out, we should meet each other in real life. Also, after tonight, let's try our hardest to pass this game and send everyone back!" He had no hesitations and said, "That sounds great, Asuna!" Then I nodded my head yes. That's when we started to change our lives.

I swiped for my menu and poof went my bra. Then I swiped even more and... The button that would change my life. I clicked and my underwear shimmered away, into my inventory. Meanwhile Kirito had no problem putting his underwear in his inventory. Pervert? Probably. Who cares, he's nice and better yet cute... FACE CUTE NOT THAT CUTE. "Asuna... where should we begin? Not to bug you--" I cut him off and told him anywhere works for my. At that time I was still facing him with my back. Kirito cameup behind me and... grabbed my boobs. I was a little shocked, but let him get away with it. "Wow." He said. "just wow! Sorry if this makes you uncomfortable. May I?" "You may." I said back.I slowly turned around, and there I was. Naked in front of a player I met today. I've got some nerve doing this. Then he said,  "there soft and nice." I was fine until I looked downat... It. "Wow, Kirito. It's just--" he cut me off with, "Don't talk. Just feel, it's fine with me. Unless you want to stophere." I surprised him and touched it. It was hard. We continued on. He got a little grabby and massaged my breasts. Then I slid his part in between my breasts. It was weird at first but it felt oddly nice. So I went up and down, massaging his penis with my breasts. We did this for a few minutes. Then he slid down. That's when it began. "Asuna?" Kirito said. "Are you ready for this?" I nodded my head nervously. He slowly moved it closer, inch by inch. I flinched while he put it neer me. It touched my part and-- it was done and in the hole of privacy. 

20 minutes later...

"That was nice Kirito. But let's go to bed now, so we can get some rest. Also, in the morning, I need to talk to you about something." That ended our wonderful night. Which made me forget about the real world.



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