SAO: The real story

Sword art online, from the beginning, with the real story between Asuna and Kirito. This is a total mixup, from the show.


8. Asuna

As we walked to his place, Kirito slowly reached for my hand. I blushed right away, but let him threw. It felt nice to have a hand in mine, even if it was in a fake world. 

"So, um, Kirito." I spoke up


"What are we going to do at your place? I do have some food and some cooking levels that we could use to make some food. I mean--"

"That sounds great, Asuna." He then smiled and winked at me. I blushed even more. 

When we reached his house, it was an apartment. It was nicer than I thought it would be. I mean, this is the first day of SAO. "Okay Asuna! Show me your food! I'll show you mine!" Babbled Kirito. "Got it!" I shot back. I swiped to get to my menu, and got out all of my food. "That's all I got." Said Kirito 

"That should be enough." 

"Let's eat!" 

"Yeah!" I said back







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