Love Stage

It all started as a normal day In A small hometown named Hartford Conneticut . Lacey's birthday is in only three days but she's not to excited for it . She never was . Until that day when A guy named James shows her a whole different side of life . But in Lust and foul and Romance .


1. Chapter one : History

When was the Last time I actually cried for Jesse ? Was it 3 weeks ago ? or was it two months ago ? I don't even remember . seriously. My dad is barely around anymore ever since he met this new girl On Facebook , He told me about her , is that weird? I find it weird all the time since I'm his daughter and He's telling me about his Affair . My mom on the other hand works two jobs so she doesn't really notice's anything anymore I mean to be honest If something were to happen to Me or my sisters or brothers she still wouldn't notice . Since the break - up I had with Jesse I learned to love just myself and nobody else in particular . I still can't believe he chose April over me ? I mean what did I do wrong ? Was he happy in the relationship?...Ya know I don't even care anymore it's in the past and what's done is done. 


''Hey Lacey , you got a new chat '' I looked over at my cousin who passed me my phone , I grabbed it and opened the chat on kik . It was a guy I'm guessing with a username called [Sarg is typing...] . I didn't know who it was until we began to talk more .



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