teenage angst has paid off well [a . h .]


11. why would I lie

She makes jokes about herself a lot.
She'll say she's "ugly af", and I promise her she's not.
Between you and me, she's the picture of beauty.
The kind of face that makes an angel feel envy.

But like I said, that's between us.
And I know you can't tell, because you don't know her.
But just know her smile is contagious.
And when I have to stop talking to her, my heart physically hurts.

That's what's important, I think.
That she heals me and kills me.
A description from the kind of fool who lets people in his mind.
Fuck, I need to stop writing all the time.

I laugh and push my hair back as I think of the last thing she said.
And it's funny because I just automatically remember.
But now that bubbly person is now, soundless in bed.
You know, I'm surprised my insomnia isn't yelling timber.

I should be falling to the ground due to the countless sleepless nights.
I should be freaking out about the new changes.
But I'm more focused on thinking about her and how cute it is when she play fights.
And how I could go on about her for pages and pages.

You know, she doesn't believe that she's beautiful when I say.
But, why would I want to lie?
I think someone must of caused her a lot of pain.
But that wouldn't of ever happened, if we had met in time.

Isn't this love shit just awful?
I can't wipe this smile away.
Got me drowning in a love potion in a dusty bottle.
It's been a while since I've felt this way. 

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