teenage angst has paid off well [a . h .]


4. they always leave

Woman caught me laying on the ground outside.
She pulled me up like a sack of potatoes.
She gave me a ride.
And I got home.

“Where’s your mother at?”, she said as her voice broke the room.
I looked around at the ruins of my acclaimed home.
She speaks again, “She'll be here soon?”
I whispered and pushed my hair back, “No.”

She sighed at me as if I was a child who wouldn't stop screaming.
Even though I had only said a single word since she arrived.
I looked around again and started daydreaming.
But then came her tone, “When will she come? About what time?”

I almost snickered at her, but sadness was brewing.
I get up and walk to the kitchen and grab a plate.
“What the hell are you doing?”
“Shh”, I whispered, “Wait.”

She stared, maybe scared at this point of time.
She could of left if she wanted.
I don't understand this woman, she can leave. I’m fine.
Maybe she was starting to feel haunted.

Now I'm staring at her and her thick frames around green orbs.
Maybe I should just tell her? But I’m torn.
Maybe she won't let her daughter hang around me anymore.
My heart goes sore.

Maybe she knows I'm crazy now?
Hm, what a damn shame.
I hear a car’s gravel tossing sound.
But she looks at me the same.

“I believe they want you out there.”
I give a small smile and wave.
But she didn't seem to care.
A frown approached her face.

“Where is she? So I won't be worried and go mad.”
“She hasn’t be alive in four years.”, I tilt my head.
“What about your dad?”
My eyes scream not to cry due to the monster named Sad.

“He don’t like to be around me, I remind him of her.”
“Well, I’m..I’m sorry.” Oh, they all think we want sympathy from a stranger.
I nod and whisper, “Go ahead and leave. Be careful of the curve.”
I continue, “Lot of people aren't careful so they don't see the danger.”

I start crying. “We never see what’s coming, do we?”
She walks out of the room.
I look over and read
the words on the wall, all I can do is assume.
She left me.
Like they all do.

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