teenage angst has paid off well [a . h .]


7. save yourself

You're smart, that's what'll kill you.

Happiness is least common in your type.

Because you have an actual clue.

And to be honest, you're right.

You scare me with blunt honesty.

You scare me with your specific policy.

You think everything needs an explanation.

Instead of living in the lining of faux expectation.

You can't admire the better lie pushed forward.

Or at least let positivity push through darkness like a sword.

The glass is half empty, and who cares what anyone else thinks.

And you know what, nothing's safe. The Titanic even sinks.

The radiation of fascination through dusty sunlight's last breath

And in this world of hurt, you can sleep but gain no rest.

Eyes drip transparent paint only to remind you of the salt on your wounds.

And wiping them away only shows you that's all you can do.

The moon blows a kiss to his farewell sun, only to create a strong wind.

Ruining faithful housing and letting people know that in the end, no one wins.

Your horror filled rage has you punching your walls.

You'll scream, hit, let madness take over as to your knees you fall.

You position your praying hands to a God you've criticized.

And you have the sarcastic spirit to tell him, "You're a lie."

And I begged you to stop before everything got out of control.

And you couldn't get a strong grip, or a least a slight hold.

You wipe your eyes before raising up from the grave you've dug.

Then gave a demonic smile before asking for a hug.

And I looked at you, backing up.

Knowing what you've become.

And you started to laugh, slicing silence like an axe.

And said, "You know, I'll come back."

Pushing me into a wall without putting out your arms.

Then butchering me with words and filling my heart with darts.

Here I am in a mental asylum because I told them what you've done.

And in court you said, "He's a love."

Apparently I'm insane and obsessed with a person like you.

That I fell in love with all of your attributes.

Baby, you're nothing but a snake in a southern church.

Nothing but a cold sore, I mean obviously you hurt.

I was there when you really needed help.

But this is your way of saying, "Save yourself."

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