teenage angst has paid off well [a . h .]


13. mary and her quirks

Her favorite color is white.
And she named her kitten, “Stage Fright”.
She texts me at four in the morning.
Just to ask me if I believe in God and his glory.

Tell me, how often is it that you find someone like that?
I’ve met many faces in different places, but I never have.
And I always find myself thinking about her at the weirdest times.
It could just be when I’m in the grocery store, waiting in line.

She calls me, and she whispers, “Hey, did you look outside?”
Suddenly I’ll just grin and say, “Are you talking about the snow?”
“Yes! It’s so beautiful I could die.”
And I chuckle, “Yes, Mary, I know.”

I’m seventeen, but somehow she convinces me to use the claw machines.
“50 cents! It’s just 50 cents!”, she’ll scream.
And listen, I can’t fucking win a stuffed animal. I have tried.
Right when I think it’s rigged, she’ll win a prize.

She will, oh my God, ask me if I ever think of climbing trees.
And I’ll tilt my head before saying, “Not really..”
She’ll look at me like I’m crazy.
As if there is something wrong with me.

Our library sometimes gives away their old books, right?
She’ll meet me at my locker with a stack to her eyes.
I’ll ask, “...where do you put those? Jesus Christ.”
“..on the floor near my night light.”

She also has this tendency to hum classical music.
That is, after she sings me some heavy metal.
I don’t know if talent has anything to do with it
but her voice is as soft as a flower petal.

Once I bought her a necklace with a single charm.
She thanked me for it for about three years.
She often rambles about her father’s farm.
And how she never agreed with him hunting deer.

And yesterday, when I went crazy again, and I tried to end my life.
She said she forgives me not once, but twice.
And when I asked her why,
she said, “I forgive the monster, and the man who will make me his wife.”

Now, I’ve written many poems about people I admire.
But what she does sets my heart on fire.
She is beautiful, she is mine.
And because of her, I will better my life.

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