November the first (completed)

Calum and Trinity have been best friends for years and when five seconds of summer are asked on tour what happens then


2. || Chapter Two - The Hotel ||

Trinity's POV

I woke up and Cal wasn't there so I walked down stairs and his mom was making pancakes "hello trinity how are you darling" she asked" good thank you and how have you been Mrs Hood"

"Good thank you now please sit down and have something to eat you've got a big day ahead of you"

I sat down and ate three pancakes and then we all got out suitcases and walked to the car, I put mine down to fix my hair and then Calum took my suitcase and walked to the car I chased him out the door to get my suitcase

"I'm carrying it" he says "Nice try but I'm carrying it" I tell him "No! I said I'm carrying it!" calum yells while yanking my suit case away from me. "No you're not! It's my suit case I can carry it myself!" I yell while yanking it back. "Too bad! I'm carrying it!" He yells back and snatches it away from me. This time he holds it above his head to where I can't reach it.

"Gimme!" I jump and try to get the bag. "Can you two children just put it in the car?" Mrs Hood shouts while getting in the driver's seat. Calum sticks his tongue out at me and I roll my eyes. He puts the suitcase in the boot then gets in. In the car I'm lying on top of Michael, Calum and Luke while Ashton gets to sit in the passenger seat, stuff him

After a while we get to the airport and Michael, Luke and Ashton's moms were there. We all grabbed our suitcases and we walked over to where the rest of the moms were they all hugged their moms and said goodbye and I stood there but then Mrs Hood comes up behind me and gives me a hug she's like a second mom to me.

We all walk off and get into the privet jet. When we got on we saw one direction. We all sat down and I sat next to Calum and lent on his shoulder. The whole trip they all talked about what songs they were going to play in the concert but I just listened to Melanie Martinez. I started sing the lyrics not realizing how loud I was oops

"running through the park and he chased me wouldn't stop tag your it tag your it grabbed my hand push me down toke the words right out of my mouth tag you it tag your it" I Hadn't noticed they we all staring at me so I took my headphones out and said "what" "you're really good" said Niall "thanks" wow Niall Horron  the Niall Horron thinks I'm a good singer "you didn't tell me you could sing" Calum said "well now you know Lucky you"

We finally got there and we go into two cars I got in with Harry, Michael, Niall, and Calum the other car had Zayn, Liam, Louis, Luke and Ashton. We drove to the hotel and walked to the front counter to get the keys and who's in what rooms "so it's Zayn and Liam are in room 65, Niall and I are in room 66, Harry and Michael are in room 67, Ashton and Luke are in room 68 and Calum and trinity are in room 69 so here are the keys and were all on the top floor" Louis told us

We all got in the escalator and got in to our rooms Cal and I went into the bedroom and dumbed our bags and I laid flat on the bed Calum kicks off his shoes and literally collapses on top of me. "Oh come on Cal! You're squishing me." I whine. Calum smirks and grabs my butt making me squeal. "Squishy squishy squishy" he laughs while squeezing it. "You're a dork" I tell him. We all decided to go to Nandos, after we ate we went back to the hotel.

As I am watching Calum attempt to get our door open, I hear another door open. Before I could turn around and look I feel two arm hands grab my arms and yank me into a dark room.

I watch as the door shuts back and a small light flicks on. I sit in the floor staring at Michael, Ashton, and Luke. Michael puts is finger over his mouth as a sign to be quiet and I nod.

The lights flick back off and we all sit giggling at an over reacting Calum. "OMG OPEN THIS FUCKING DOOR! YOU CAN'T TAKE HER! WHO EVER THE FUCK YOU ARE! YOU BETTER GIVE TRINITY BACK TO ME!"

Calum continues yelling while hitting and kicking at the door. I know this is being mean to Calum but it is pretty funny. Well some of the stuff he says is funny.


That.....stuff like that is funny as hell. Everything goes quiet. "Trinity?" Calum says barely audible. "LUKE, MICHAEL AND ASTON IM GOING TO FUCKING MURDER YOU!" I feel them all shift uncomfortably beside me. "Alright guys this is going too far" I say but Michael puts his hand over my mouth.

No! I'm not going to do this to Calum.

I reach up and kick the door knob making it open. The next thing I know Calum marches in, flicks on the light and says "you guys suck" I took my chance "yeah and you swallow" we all start laughing, Cal puts his hand out and I happily take it and we all walk back to our rooms.

A/n thanks for reading the next chapter of November the first. So what do you think of Michael and Luke's little prank. I was laughing and smiling while i was writing it. in case you wanted to know the song trinity sings is tag your it by Melanie Martinez Please fan, favorite and like and please help me get the book to 100 reads. If you have any recommendations just write them into a comment and I will take them into consideration. Love you all

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