November the first (completed)

Calum and Trinity have been best friends for years and when five seconds of summer are asked on tour what happens then


3. || Chapter Three - interview ||

Trinity's POV


Cal and I walked in and sat on the couch we start playing call of duty but in the middle of the game I got a text


Harry - tell Calum that he needs to get ready because we have an interview


"Cal go get in to something descent you have an interview" I tell him "are you going" he asks "I'll be back stage" Calum walks off to his suit case and gets changed


Trinity - he'll be outside soon


Harry - okay 


Harry - are u coming


Trinity - no


Harry - well the interviewer wants you to


Trinity - fine


Calum comes out and we walk outside where we get in a car and drive off when we got there I jumped on Michael's back and he piggy backed me there was paparazzi and screaming fans everywhere. I jumped off Michael’s back and stayed with Ashton. All the boys toke photos with fans and signed their autographs on paper.


Finally we all walk in and sit in the waiting room I sit with Michael.


"How great it is to see 5 seconds of summer and one direction in person and of course trinity" said some random woman and how does she know my name creep "now please follow me and I shall take you to your interview" we all followed her and stood side stage the boys were all called on so they went and sat down on the couch on stage


Interviewer - Please welcome 5 seconds of summer and one direction


Interviewer - so can you tell us when your first performance is?


Louis - tomorrow night 


Interviewer - there is a rumour that Calum has is girlfriend on tour is this true


All the boys except for Calum start laughing but Calum just blushes


Michael - yeah Calum has a girlfriend as if


Calum - shut up Michael yes it's true I have someone on tour with me but she's not my girlfriend


Interviewer - so who is this person?


Calum - her names trinity and she is my best friend


Luke- I thought I was


Interviewer - is trinity here right now


Calum - yeah she's side stage


Interviewer - can you go get her?


Calum - sure


All the boys were talking about random stuff while Calum was trying to convince me to go on stage after a while I gave in and walked on stage and sat down next to Cal


Interviewer - so trinity how long have you known Calum hood for


Trinity - um 13 or so years


Interviewer - what is your relationship status with Calum?


Trinity - he's my best friend 


Calum - awe thanks


Calum and I hugged


Zayn, Harry, Ashton - awe


Liam - now I see why Harry thought you were a couple


Niall - you guys are so cute


I walked of stage saying bye. the interview went on for ever then finally we all went back to the hotel and went to sleep


A/n Sorry it's just a filler and I had no clue what to write and if you are confused keep reading because I'll get to the story soon. I thought I would put an interview in there. Please fan, favorite and like. Thanks for reading the third chapter. Love you all 


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