November the first (completed)

Calum and Trinity have been best friends for years and when five seconds of summer are asked on tour what happens then


6. || Chapter Six - Date ||


  Trinity's POV 

  I got dressed and I wore my hair in a high ponytail, I decided not to wear the flower crown. I texted Ashton and waited out side the hotel and after a couple of minutes Ashton stopped in front of me and I hopped into the passenger seat.    "Do ya want to know what ya doing tonight" Ashton asked "sure" I did in a bogan accent to bag him out but he just laughed "so y'all gonna watch a movie and then y'all going to a late night fair" I can't help but laugh at him doing a bogan accent after a 10 seconds he joined in laughing with me.   


I've always loved the late night fairs i went to with calum when we were younger, they were so much fun. If you're not aware of what a late night fair is, it's basically a fair that goes from around 5 pm to 12-2 am depending on how busy the fair is. Usually it's pretty packed and it usually ends up going to about 2 am.   We got to the shops and Calum walked over the the car and opened the door and helped me out we both hugged and I shut the then ash drove of to god knows where.   We walked to the movies and lined up "so what does miss O'Hara want to go see" Calum asked "what does mr hood want to go see" i mimicked we both laughed  After a while we decided on ______.  


We brought the tickets, popcorn and drinks. We sat in the center of all the seats right in the middle. The movie finished and Calum texted Ashton to come pick us up. We sat on a seat on the side of the road. Calum leaned in and so did I and just as we were about to kiss Ashton honked the horn on his car and we both sighed then got in.    "Hey ash do you have Panic! At The Disco on your iPod" I felt like listing to them I don't know why though "um yeah I think why" he sounded so unsure "I feel like listening to them I don't know why" he handed me his iPod after a while of scrolling I found Panic! At The Disco, I looked what songs he had and I chose hallelujah. As soon as it came on we all started singing   


"All you sinners stand up, sing hallelujah (hallelujah!) Show praise with your body Stand up, sing hallelujah (hallelujah!) And if you can't stop shaking, lean back Let it move right through ya (hallelujah!) Say your prayers Say your prayers Say your prayers (Hallelujah!)"   we got to the fair and calum and i got a our ticket. it had been about four hours since we got here.  "Photobooth?" I whispered in Calum's ear and he nodded. So we took off running to the photo booth. We sat in the photobooth together and we put the money in. we toke about one hundred photos. 'what do you want to do know' i ask 'how about we go back and cuddle in bed' 'sounds like a plan cal' calum called Ashton. when we got back to the hotel calum and i hopped into bed and spooned   

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