November the first (completed)

Calum and Trinity have been best friends for years and when five seconds of summer are asked on tour what happens then


1. || Chapter One - going on tour ||

Hey, my names Trinity O'Hara and I live in Sydney. I was adopted when I was six. I never think about it much, but when I do my best friend always helps me. My best friend is also my next door neighbour and his name is Calum Hood. Cal and I have been friends since I got here. Wow, we have been best friends for 13 years and by The way I'm  17

Trinity's POV

"Hun, Cal's here "my Mum yelled from down stairs "Thanks Mum" I say sarcastically.

I was in the middle of watching the new Mariana's Trench video and he ruined it.  All of a sudden my door comes off its hinges then Calum and the door fall on the floor

"Fuck you" Calum exclaims "Hello to you to Calum" I say sarcastically "I was talking to your door" he says sarcastically "I know" I say. Calum walks over to my bed and mumbled

"Bitch".  I pretended I didn't hear it.

"So what do you want to do?"  He never answered, all he did was look really sad and he was biting his lip. He only does that when he's worried or nervous so I threw a pen at him and he finally answered.

"I just got a new Xbox and I was wondering if you could help me set it up". Finally he got a new one; his other one was really shitty. "Sure" We walked out of my room and walked to Calum's house. When we got there I ran straight up to his room and got started. It took about half an hour, and the whole time Cal sat in the corner of his room biting his lip.

I couldn't take it any longer.  I walked over to Cal and sat next to him.

"What's up" I asked.

"Nothing" he replied

"Really Cal, you're biting your lip and you only do that when you're worried or nervous".  It took him a while to actually look at me.  "Ok, fine. Do you remember how I'm in a band?"

Why's he asking that, "No, I just go to every concert and come backstage with you" I said sarcastically. I probably shouldn't of said that cause now he's back to biting his lip "Whatever. Well Luke got a call and do you know how one direction has just announced that they are going on tour?

"Umm, yeah".  Wait are they going on tour with one direction?

"Well they asked us to be there opening act".

Yes I was right.

"Oh my god Cal I'm so happy for you, you should go".

After I said that Cal got a text and started walking to the door and all of a sudden three of the nicest but dumbest boys walked in.

But I'll always love them. They were laughing and being loud but they turned their heads and saw me then they became quiet but of course Michael had to break the silence "Can I call you Trin?" what an idiot " um no only Cal can call me that"

He walked out and Ashton started talking while acting really nervous "Hello trinity um Cal has something to ask me, I mean you" ok that was weird Cal pushed them all out locked the door and sat next to me and said "Trin I can't go on this tour" he told me "What why" umm "Because I don't want to be away from You so Trinity will you come on the tour with me" what oh my god I can't go it's his tour. Oh gosh now he's giving me that look "Please" he begged "Ok fine but one condition I get to meet one direction" I finally gave in "Sure"

We started laughing and walked out to the boys, Cal told me while we were walking out to go pack my stuff and say goodbye to my parents so I said bye to the boys and went home to pack

Calums POV

I don't know why that was so hard to ask her

The boys and I decided to have a movie night because today is our last night in Sydney. So far we have watched toy story and mean girls and we are watching were the wild things are. I was watching Michael say the dialogue for the movie but then I got a text

Trinity - What do I pack?

Calum - Everything you want to

Trinity - By the way do you want all your tops and jackets back?

Calum - No it's okay you keep them

Trinity - U sure

Calum - Yep

I forgot she still had my tops and jackets. Before I knew it the movie was done and Luke and Ashton were a sleep so Michael and I watched 8 mile road.

After that we watched just random YouTube videos and during badger badger badger we both fell asleep

I woke up and I couldn't get back to sleep so I walked over to trinity's house when I got there I went straight up to her room to see her light was on so I walked straight in " holy shit " she yelled as soon as she saw me " I'm sorry" I said " no you're not, what did you come over for" she asked so I told her " well I came over to ask if you wanted to stay the night at mine so it's easier to get to the airport tomorrow"

I waited for an answer I didn't want her to stay for that reason though I have another reason but I didn't want to tell her " sure " she answered so I grabbed her suitcase and we walked over to my place and went straight up to my room and I put her suitcase on the floor and we jumped straight onto my bed and went straight to sleep

A/n hey my names amberliah, weird name i now right. I hoped you liked my first chapter on November the first. My best friend asked me to write a Calum fan-fiction so I have and I hope you like it so far. I would love this book to have 100 reads. Please fan, favorite and like. Thanks for reading the first chapter. Love you all

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