November the first (completed)

Calum and Trinity have been best friends for years and when five seconds of summer are asked on tour what happens then


4. || Chapter Four - secret admirer ||


----------- 3 weeks later -----------


Calum POV


"Hey guys where's trinity" I asked "out with Luke" Michael says really oh my god "Calum's mad at all of us" Ashton yells "what am I not allowed to be mad that my best friend is spending more time with you guys than she is with me"


I walk back to my room and after about one minute trinity walks through the door "hey Cal" "Hey" I snap she seemed really shocked "why have you been so snappy lately “she asked "what you really don't know why" I ask her "okay I've seen you like three times since the tour started and were sharing a room maybe I'm a little hurt that your spending more time with them you are me" I felt really bad saying that but it's the truth "I'm sorry Cal I promise I will spend more time with you" I went over and hugged her


Trinity's POV


Lately Michael has been giving me clues on this secret admirer of mine and I think I figured out who it is "hey Mikey the hints you gave me about the boy are they true" I ask "yeah he's a shy dude one of my best friend and won't shut up about you when you not around why?" he replies "I think I figured out who it is" I tell him in a quiet tone "we'll it's not really hard to tell who he is when you pay attention to the way he looks at you" "what if he's not the guy I'm thinking" "I think you know who he is trinity"


I tried to find Calum but I couldn't then I walked into the boy’s dressing room backstage and I found him "guess what I found out who the secret admirer is" I really want to know his reaction "" not the reaction I was hoping for


"it doesn't matter but do you think now that I know who it is he will find the guts to ask me out" he seems happy while he says "if he does will you say yes" dork "only if he stops referring to himself in third person" ooh I hope this works " okay trinity will you go out with me" he starts biting his lip "of course I will Calum"


He slowly started to lean in and I did too. His hands cupped my face as our lips connected. Our lips moved in sync as he pulled me closer, if that was even possible. I felt electricity coursing through my veins. It felt like the entire world just disappeared and it was just us two. I felt fireworks as I kissed him. I felt butterflies flying around in my stomach.


And it all left when Michael started yelling "oye Calum we have to go on stage now" we all walked to side stage. All you can hear is the fans screaming "5SOS" repeatedly, I will soon be deaf. The boys ran on and the screaming got louder they played Amnesia and She Looks So Perfect and then Cal started talking through the microphone.


"Okay so I have someone very special to me side stage right now" the crowed started screaming again "we are going to Have to persuade her to come out cause she's certain you are going to hate her" the crowed awed and by the way calum there’s no way I'm going  on stage no matter what "I think we should chant or something" oh gosh now the crowds chanting my name "she's going to hate me" yep I do hey look Michael is going to say something hopefully he gets Cal to shut up "yep no kiss for Luke" the crowed started laughing


Ash hops of his drums and runs off stage, grabs me and pulls me to Cal, oh no. The crowd started screwing very loud, Calum shoved me to the microphone the stadium went quiet I didn't know what to say so I just said something simple "hey" the crowed screamed then they started chanting kiss her oh gosh.


Calum walked up beside me and turned me to him "you ready" he whispered in my ear "yeah" he leaned in and back came the fireworks and butterflies. I don't think I will ever get used to this. He let go and smiled while the crowd was back to screaming.


I feel like yelling shut up to the crowd so I said goodbye to Calum and walked back of stage. They played Good Girls, Greenlight, Heartbreak Girl, Unpredictable, Got To Get Out and Out Of My Limit. Then one direction came on and played Steal My Girl, Where Do Broken Hearts Go, 18, Ready To Run, Fools Gold, Kiss You, Act My Age, Story Of My Life, One Thing, Best Song Ever and What Makes You Beautiful. 


Calum's POV


The concert was over so we all went back to the hotels but Trinity and I snuck out to the park. We had been talking for I don't know how long. "


"I was thinking about taking you out tomorrow night at six" I'm going to be taking her to see a movie and then we will be going to a late night fair I hope she will like it "perfect I having nothing on tomorrow" yes "one thing what do I wear" trinity asks oh what would you wear.


I'll go shopping with the boys in the morning to help me pick out an outfit "don't worry that's all sorted out" she gave me a weird look but believed me. We both decided to go back. When we got back we both raced to bed and went to sleep.



A/n thanks for the reads so far it's been amazing. So what do you think trinity's and Calum's ship name could be. Trinum? Calinty?.Now that Calum is dating someone we need Luke, Ashton and Michael to date someone so if you would Like to date anyone of those boys just leave your  - name - description  - things you really like  - things you don't like so much - where you want you date to be  - who you want to date   Um I'll probably chose the first person to comment with the stuff for each boy to be the girlfriends. Also I have written the next chapter but I probably wont publish it till i have a girlfriend for luke, ashton and michael. I would love this book to have 100 reads. Please fan, favorite and like. Thanks for reading the first chapter. Love you all 





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