November the first (completed)

Calum and Trinity have been best friends for years and when five seconds of summer are asked on tour what happens then


5. || Chapter Five - Preparing For The Date ||

a/n i have just decided to give chapter five so i hope you like it

Michaels POV

I woke up to Calum shaking me "what do you want it's nine in the morning I still have four more hours of sleep left" like seriously he should know this by now "can you come shopping with me to find trinity an outfit to wear tonight" I don't know what tonight is but "sure" I got dressed and walked over to Cal and then Ashton gave us all a pair of Sun Glasses so we could not be recognized by fans. Ash said he had something to do at the shops so he could drop us off.

"I'll pick you guys up in 2 hours" yay I'm stuck here for 2 hours with Calum looking for girls clothes. "Sure ash" Calum said excitedly while I mouthed help me to ash witch he totally didn't get sometimes I wonder how Ashton made it through high school. 

We walked into a shop named Valley Girl I was looking around there was some nice stuff but I didn't like much "so Calum what is tonight" he blushed and I figured it out instantly "you finally had the guts to ask her out and how many years did that take you " he nodded, stuck the finger up at me and smiled.

A girl who worked here came up to us "you guys look a little bit lost so is there anything I can help you with" me and Calum nod so fast our heads could come of "so what is the occasion" "um my friend here is taking a girl out" Calum blushes "where is this date" I actually don't know so I wait for Calum's answer "um well we're going to see a movie then go to the late night fair um yeah" she disappeared and then came back with some outfits.

"Okay so I chose three outfits and you can chose one that would suit here the most" she put them on a chair "thank you "Calum says "that's okay now once you've chosen put the outfits you don't want on that rack and bring the one you want to the counter "she explained "thanks" I say because Calum's looking at the outfits

outfit one


-gladiator shoes

- crystal necklace

- flower crown

outfit two

- jean top

white jeans

combat boots

out fit three

- maxi dress

- wonderlust bracelets

He chose outfit one and he also grabbed the bracelets from outfit three I picked up the others and put them on the rack the girl told us about. I walked over to where Calum was paying. Calum and I toke our glasses of to clean them.

"Oh my gosh you guys are Calum and Michael from 5 Seconds of Summer, you guys can have the clothes for half price if I can get a photo" luckily she whispered it so no one else could here. Cal and I looked at each other and shrugged "sure" we leaned in and she toke the photo.

We put our glasses on and payed. We walked out of the store and stood there in silence till Calum broke it "We have an hour and a half left till Ashton will  pick us up so what you want to do" we looked at each other and then we ran to the closest game shop

We spent a while looking at games but in the end we got the latest editions of



• Fallout

• Assassins creed

• Call of duty

• Halo

• Mortal Combat

• Destiny

We have 45 minutes left so we went and got pizza I had meat lovers and Calum had Hawaiian. Ashton found us and we drove back to the hotel.

Calum's POV

Luke - Trinity has gone to the beach for a walk 👣

Calum - thanks but I need to know this why 💩💩💩💩

Luke - trinity told me all about you asking her out and I assume you went out and got the clothes so you can like put them on her bed or something while she's not here 💑💏👫❤

Calum - what's with 💑💏👫❤ but anyway thanks that a good idea 👍

Luke - 💑 = you and trinity 💏 = you and trinity kissing 👫= you and trinity holding hands ❤ = love

Calum - you are such a dork

Luke - 😈

I entered Trinity's and I's hotel room and laid the clothes on the bed with a note after I did that I had a shower and got dressed into a short sleeved plain black top with black skinny jeans. I knocked onto Luke's door but I realized it was already open so I walked right in and started playing FIFA with him

Trinity's POV

I finally got back to the hotel after I went and got Luke's birthday present. I know I told him I was going to the beach but that was the only thing I could think of at the time. I swiped the door card thingy and went and hid the present in the closet I went to go lay on the bed but there was clothes laid out I look at the clothes and they were so pretty I found a note with my name on it so I read it,

Dear Trinity,

I brought some clothes for you to wear to our date tonight I hope you like them if you don't blame Michael and the lady in the shop! Once you are ready like done you hair and got dressed text Ashton and he will pick you up and drive you to the destination. Tonight we are going to two places and I hope you are prepared to stay up late

From Calum

P.S. I love you lots XXXXX

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