The long road home

Aimee hates her life, her mother is in a psych ward, her dad spends all his time with his secretary and at school she is far from popular.

That is until she meets Samual.


3. Trouble



The next day my good mood lasted up till lunch, instead of going to our canteen which was packed I decided to go to the school library to work on the book I was writing, it's about this kid leaving everything behind and going to live in the jungle.

I was on a roll, half a chapter was typed up and it looked like I would finish a whole chapter before the bell rang, well that was until I had a serious interruption. Anastasia Small, queen of the popular and the dreams of every boy in our school.

For some reason which I never figured out ever since she met me she decided that she was going to destroy my confidence at every opportunity in fact often she would be the only person I talked to all day.

And today was no different, her and her little gang of groupies were headed in my direction giggling as they came. I tried to keep my head down and avoid their attention but it was no use they had come here for me and they had ammo.

Anastasia walked past my seat and rather obviously bumped into it, "Why can't you move your seat in" she complained " you're taking up the whole passageway".

I tried to focused on my writing, I knew what came next.

"Oh but you can't help it can you, poor thing what with all that extra weight you are carrying around." She smiled flashing her movie star teeth.

I really hated the way she made me feel "Why can't you just leave me be" I whispered.

"Oh you don't mean that do you" she smiled more menacingly "I was hoping we could bridge our friendship, maybe your just jumping to conclusions". Her friends were laughing now.

I stared at her, surely she didn't know. "You?" I asked

"Yes I do know" she interrupted "we all know about your little incident on the bridge. Just like we have always known that you are a little psycho" then she paused looked deep into my eyes and whispered to me "Just like your mother".

Time sped up. My body twisted then froze I looked to the ground, where Anastasia was whimpering like a baby, clutching a bleeding nose. I opened my eyes wide in fright had I done that?

Scared I grabbed my bag and backed away, my heart pounding through my chest. 

Why had I hit her? I never did stuff like that, I never reacted. Her friends were crowding around her making a scene and some of them were even crying I knew that I had to leave or there would be a big fuss.


I ran most of the way home and man did my chest kill me, I thought about slowing to a walk but fear kept me going. Fear of seeing a police car pull up behind me and fear of my dad answering the phone before I got home.

Finally I made it to our house puffing, I spent five minutes making sure my dad's Mazda wasn't in our garage before going inside.

After unhooking our phone and deleting two messages I poured myself a cool orange juice then locked myself in my room.

I flopped on my bed and breathed out a sigh, what had gone so terribly wrong? I was horrified at myself, I had never ever ever hit someone much less made them bleed.

It was only as I replayed the conversation with Anastasia in my head I realized exactly what she had said "We all know about your little incident on the bridge"

I clamped my hands over my eye's, not believing. There was only one other person who had seen my jump and that was Sam.

I screamed, he had betrayed me and worse he had told the whole school, I might even have to go to counselling or social services.

Then for the second time that day I felt anger take a hold of me.

I grabbed the piece of paper with his phone number from the top of my drawers where I had left it then dialed his number into my phone.

I must have hit the answer phone because some random elevator music started playing. I decided I would leave a message.

" Sam" I began "I trusted you " the tears had started to roll down my face.

"I just thought you were a good guy, you know for once someone I can trust" I let out a small sob.

"You don't understand what it's like to have no friends, you don't understand what it's like to be fat, you don't understand what it's like to have a family that doesn't love you."

I drew in a large breath, "Well if you don't want to talk then" I faltered. "Than You can just go jump off a bridge yourself". On the other end of the phone I was aware that someone was trying to talk but I hung up anyway.

The tears were still rolling down my face as I crawled under the blankets of my bed, sleep came hard that night.

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