The long road home

Aimee hates her life, her mother is in a psych ward, her dad spends all his time with his secretary and at school she is far from popular.

That is until she meets Samual.


9. The left road.

~~"Why are you trusting him Sam? The guys clearly a nutter," I say as I sit down next to him, we watch as Bobbie goes through our possessions.

"Hey" he whispers, "never ever call someone who might shoot you a nutter, especially not as loudly as you just did." I swallow; glad that Bobbie seems more occupied by one of my dresses than what I'm saying.

"Do you think he'll leave us alone, when he's finished?"

"Yeah I'm sure he will."

"And if he doesn't what then?" Sam just shrugs his shoulders.

"Hey what are yous tew whispering about over there" says Bobbie as he goes through a box of Sam's.

Neither of us answer. Five minutes later and Bobbie is finished. He has the only five dresses I own and two of Sam's sweaters wrapped tightly in his arms.

"Is that all?" I ask.

"In the west this be's all that a man needs."

He then proceeds to explain how he's going to cut the clothes up for blankets and maybe give a dress or two to one of his many girl-friends. Apparently Bobbie has a "Touch wid the ladies."

I start to wonder if the poor guy's lonely, because after that he doesn't seem to want to stop talking to us, and his stories seem to have no end. It takes an hour and five and a half heroic Bobbie tales for us to excuse ourselves.

"Okay so which road do we take Bobbie?"

"Well  you can actually go both ways, you can go lefts onta the big highways or if yio prefer a more senic routes you takes the right lane wheres I come from."

"Well, thanks for that Bobbie."

"No problems, a pleasure doing buissness wit yios."

Sam and I jump in the car, "Left lane for sure," is the first thing I say.

Sam nods, "I couldn't agree more."

Before we get rolling Bobbie knocks on the window, I wind it down and he hands me a small white flower, Sam grins like an idiot.

"What's this Bobbie? " I say, holding the flower like it might explode.

Bobbie gives me a big smile, "This be's my trade-mark, you know for when I  rob people so I be's a gentlemean. "

"Well  thanks Bobbie."

He tips his hat, "It was a pleasure."

As soon as I wind up the window Sam bursts into laughter; "Aimee's got a boyfriend, Aimee's got a boyfriend."

I punch him in the shoulder at the same time feeling my face go red, "Shut up."

He just raises his eyebrows then starts the car, "That Bobbie sure has a 'way wid the ladies'."



We set off on the left lane, a little way down the road Sam honks the horn and in my side mirror I can see Bobbie doing a funny little dance.

"He's not so bad," says Sam, "A little on the crazy side but still."

"He was going to shoot me."

"Don't be such a baby."

I fold my arms across my chest, "So you would have just let it happen?"

"Of course not, I guess I could just work out from his face whether he's trustworthy or not."

"You're an even bigger idiot then he is."

He looks straight ahead pretending to focus on the road, a tree flashes past his windshield. "I don't want to be judgemental, but I think you have trust issues, I mean the poor guy gave you a flower."

I literally face palm, then check to see if he's joking. "Have you honestly never seen a single action movie."

He lifts up his free hand, "hey I was just saying."

"You're stupid."



We both stare out of different windows, gradually the scene changes corn fields give way to hills again and we pass a herd of cows, although I'm not sure whether they are the milking kind or not. The road stays gravel, although occasionally there are patches of just dirt; we pass two old Utes going in the opposite direction, the people driving look kind of like Bobbie, with big sun hats and weathered faces, they seem surprised to see us. At six o'clock we pass through a town with no name on it's signpost. Just a flyer advertising Mary Jane's ol'style saloon, bar and hotel.

The town is pretty small, with all it's shops lining main street just like an old wild wester. We find Mary Jane's, which isn't hard considering there are only two hotels in town, both of them pretty shabby. Mary Jane's lobby has dirt streaks over the walls, and the lady at the desk spits in a bucket every five seconds. She gives me this really menacing stare when I walk through the door, like I'm daring to invade her peace and quiet; I let Sam do the talking.

"Hello room for two please?"

The woman squints at him then spits into her bucket again, "I'll have to check our ledger, to see if we have a free room."

I roll my eyes, of course she has a free room, in fact I highly doubt that even a single room is occupied. I pour my annoyance into the portrait of a frowning man that hangs crookedly from the wall.

The woman shuffles back over holding a scrappy clipboard, she spits once, then twice for good measure before handing the clipboard over to Sam.

"Luckily we have a vacancy for you," She says sounding absolutely thrilled, "Just sign here."

Sam scribbles his signature.

"And here," he scribbles again.

She hands him a key, "You're in room two B, towels and soap are provided, breakfast will be at eight and lights go out at ten."

Sam nods "Thanks."

"Rooms are $50 a night and your fee is to be prepaid."

"Sure," Sam reaches into his bag, and feels around, "hmmm" he says trying one of the other zip pockets, he ends up emptying his bag on the ground than turns to me "Aimee do you mind? I seem to have misplaced my wallet."

I pay the suspicious woman with some of the cash I keep on me, and we lug our gear upstairs; Sam keeps complaining about how he is so sure he put his wallet in his bag. Or room is at the top of some rickety stairs, and has a big Oak door, inside the room is a single double bed.

"Hey," I say.


"That stupid woman only gave us one bed."

"And? We can just top and tail."

I glare at him, "I'm going to see if I can get us another room."

I have to wait half an hour for the desk lady to return and when she does she won't give us another room.

"But you have plenty spare, I'll even pay extra."

She sneers at me than spits in her bucket, "I'm sorry girlie but you can't always get your own way."

No amount of begging would get her to change her mind; so ignoring her look of triumph I stomp up the stairs back to our room. I slam the door behind me.

"Sam, this is the worst hotel ever, you wouldn't believe...." I trail off; Sam is not the only one in our room.




Hey there- you awesome readers thanks for coming this far!

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