The long road home

Aimee hates her life, her mother is in a psych ward, her dad spends all his time with his secretary and at school she is far from popular.

That is until she meets Samual.


2. Rescued?




Time seemed to slow to a crawl. My body was slowly toppling toward the water. Inch by inch until I was right on the edge- about to enter free fall.

Suddenly I felt a pull on my back and heard a grunt, someone had grabbed me! The world spun and I was beneath the bridge held only by my sweater and some stranger. I felt a panic seize my body.

My animal instincts kicked in and in a moment I was clawing at the edge of the bridge trying to pull myself on, then with a mad animal heave I managed to find the ledge and scramble onto the small island of solid ground that I had just seconds ago been determined to leave behind.

Sweat had formed on my face and I was breathing harder then I had the one time I decided to run our school cross country. My lungs felt raw and my right arm ached, I was dimly aware that my head was bleeding. For a while I lay on the tarmac gasping for air then the edges of my vision faded and I slipped softly into unconsciousness.


I awoke sitting on a chair, my head had stopped bleeding and amazingly my body felt fine. I was in the passenger's seat of a small city car. I heard a noise and turned my head to get a better look at the guy opening the drivers door.

He was good looking with piercing deep green eyes, dark hair that was damp with sweat and tanned sun ripe skin the stretched over muscular arms. Exactly the sort of guy that I hated, the sort that wouldn't even look at a fat bookish girl like me. He turned to me gazing straight into my eyes. I flinched breaking eye contact.

I turned my attention to the side of the bridge where I had been standing just moments before, ready to throw my life away. I knew that my chance was gone it had taken me months to work up the courage to jump and all that had been destroyed by the stranger sitting next to me.

I turned back to him and his face was now a snarl " What were you even thinking" he shouted his voice harsh, as if throwing myself of the bridge had been something I was doing to pass the time.

" I'm sorry" I whimpered hoping he would drop it and let me out of his car.

"Sorry, Sorry don't apologise to me, what about your family. What would they do if their girl jumped off a bridge"?

"Nothing " I snapped back " My mum is in a mental ward and my dad's work is far more important than the girl he never wanted". He was taken back by that, I could tell, obviously he didn't have the sort of problems I had, I bet he had a complete family and had 10,000 friends who would stick up for him at a moments notice.

The guy looked away, when he turned back to me his face was calmer and his tone less harsh " Still you have no right to die, your life is worth so much more than you realise" despite how stupid his words sounded and how untrue they were his face looked genuine so I didn't reply.

Instead I glanced backward trying to avoid his gaze; we had left the bridge behind and were moving though the country past golden fields and grazing cows. He was heading south which was in the opposite direction of my house, slightly worried I turned my head and looked at him.

"Does my rescuer have a name?"

He took his eyes off the road for a moment to glance in my direction. "Samual" he said, his voice had lost its harshness and now sounded almost kind " and you" he queried.

"I'm Aimee" I said.

"And where do you live Aimee" he asked gazing back at me with those amazing eyes which had settled to a green that was more like grass then the storm that had clouded them when he was angry. Before I had even considered the implications I replied "31 queen street". I mentally cursed myself telling people who drag girls off bridges and into their cars your address is probably not the smartest move in my current situiation.

We sat in silence for a while as Samual's car sped along the motorway. Twenty minutes went by with both of us engaged in our own thoughts before I interrupted the silence " So are you ahhh taking me home?".

He gave me a look then said " Yeah but first I want to show you something". We turned onto a side road that didn't look very well used and before long had changed from tar seal to gravel which jittered the car. Suddenly we took a sharp turn onto a small farm track that was rutted and had there been rain full of puddles. There were trees growing overhead giving the impression of us being in a tunnel.

The track rose sharply then twisted and turned, Samual was quiet, focusing on just keeping the car in the middle of the road lest we should become grounded. Suddenly without warning we rose out of the trees and onto a small patch of grass, freshly mowed and with a worn thick slabbed wooden seat in the middle. Opening my mouth I was about to ask where in the world we were when I caught sight of Samual's face. I don't really know how to describe it, he was almost serene yet there was something else there, something I couldn't put my finger on.

He looked at me smiled then said " This is where I was heading before I saw you". He walked over to the seat and sat down, hesitating for just a moment I walked over and sat next to him. I was amazed, whoever had put the seat on that spot was a genius, or an artist of some kind.

From where I was sitting the golden sun seemed like a candle, settling it's self on the horizon and colouring the whole countryside with a golden glow. I tell you something that scene was pure magic.

Tearing myself away from the view I spun my head. Samual had been watching me. A smile broke out on his face and pretty soon I was grinning as well, I couldn't help myself it was like nothing could hurt us under the golden sun.

I turned back determined to enjoy these brief minutes of happiness. I stay there for some time thinking about everything and at the same time about nothing, there were birds chirping to themselves, enjoying the last light of the day. Soon the sun had set and once again I turned to Samual, his head was bowed as if he was deep in thought. I frowned had he not even been watching the beauty in the sky " Samual" I asked. He didn't respond so I shook him and said his name again "Samual wake up"

He looked at me and I realised that he hadn't been sleeping at all. "Were you just praying?" I asked. His face went slightly red "ahh yeah, whenever I'm feeling like things aren't going right I come here, it's, I dunno it somehow makes everything matter less."

I just nodded my head knowing exactly what he meant.

" How did you even find this place"

"Completely by accident, there was a party in a house round here, some girl's 17th and my crew got invited, there was so much booze there and I had more than my fair share, the next morning I woke up on this seat with a church bells going off in my head"

I hadn't imagined him being the sort to get drunk every weekend. I mean wasn't he praying just a minutes ago? But then I suppose it was part of being one of the popular kids. Personally I hated alcohol.

He was looking around the hill again " you should have seen the state it was in when I first arrived here, everything was over grown and there were massive thistles everywhere". He paused remembering " so I came up here one Saturday with a mower and some hedging shears, then kept coming up every week until had it looking like this" I detected a small hint of pride in his voice.

"Why didn't you just call the council? They could have done it for you"

He shook his head "This is my place and no-one ever comes here but me. I can always rely on it being the same , in fact you are the first person I have ever brought here."

I smiled at him " It was an honor ". 

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