The long road home

Aimee hates her life, her mother is in a psych ward, her dad spends all his time with his secretary and at school she is far from popular.

That is until she meets Samual.


4. I'm sorry


I'm sorry



The next day I woke with a sore throat and a groggy head, I caught myself in the bedside mirror and couldn't help but be ashamed of the reflection looking back, no wonder people don't like me.

Still feeling sleepy I walked into the laundry and fetched myself some clean uniform. Despite the fact I hated to miss school I knew that going wasn't an option, I'd probably just be sent home again, and  maybe this time in the back of a police car. The only reason I was putting the blue checker skirt on was to make sure that Dad didn't get suspicious.

When I was finished getting changed I sat next to our small kitchen bench and ate a breakfast of honey on toast. Dad finished showering five minutes before he was to leave, and just as I was washing up my plate he came into the kitchen.

"Morning Aimee"

"Morning Dad"

With our small morning ritual over I finished washing up and squeezed past Dad to get to my room, he looked like he wanted to say something to me but in the end must have decided against it.

Exactly four minutes later I heard the sound of his car starting up, then turning onto our street, I took the uniform off and replaced it with something more casual, feeling every bit as unhappy as when I woke up, I tried to rearrange my hair in front of the mirror but after a minute gave in, and put a beanie over my birds nest. Because I can't think of anything better to do I decide to go for a walk.

After squeezing on my shoes and passing just two houses I heard the unmistakeable screech of a rubbish bin being dragged across concrete, I peer down a drive way and see Justin Clement hauling the trash across his yard toward me, without a second thought I found myself walking over to him, determined that I'd help.

I reached the other side of the bin and began pushing, Justin seemed surprised to see me but didn't say a word just raising his eyebrow like he used to when we were kids. With both of us working together, the bin gained speed and made it's way to the front of his house in no time.

For a precious minute the both of us rested, straightening our backs and complaining about much junk his family had. Then an awkward silence passes between us.

"It's good to see you Justin" I cringed, knowing how lame I sounded. To my surprise he didn't seem to notice.

"You too, it's been a while hasn't it?".

Justin and I went way back to Primary school days, when we used to steal cartons of chocolate milk from my Dad's mini fridge. Then play made up games until dark on the road.

"Where are you off to?"

"I'm just taking a walk, I might head for Ellerslie park, I'm not really sure".

"Do you mind if I walk with you". I didn't know why he was being so friendly, but I didn't really care, I was in need of some kindness.

"I won't stop you".

We head off, Justin easily keeps pace with me, His long runners legs flexed with every step.

"How come we don't hang out anymore" He asked, trying to sound casual.

"I Don't know" trying to sound puzzled, but we both knew the answer, It was high school that had done it, from the first day a wedge had been driven between us – where he had been noticed for his athletic talent I had been examined then cast out, not pretty or skinny enough to hang out with his team. Or any teams for that matter.

We rounded the corner then walk through the entrance to the path, both stuck in our own heads, Justin begins to smile, we took a seat on a park bench I recognised from earlier days.

"Do you remember when I asked you to the middle school prom?"he says a smile breaking out across his face, I smiled, of course I did. I could never forget the way his face had gone redder than red when I said yes.

"You asked me on this exact spot" .

Then silence passed between us again, it was a silence of things unsaid. Justin begins to fidget, for a moment I thought he was about to ask me out again but it was just a small hope, what sort of a chance did I really have?

He leaned in close our eyes reflected each others.

Then he said the two worst words in history.

"I'm sorry"

Followed by something I really didn't want to hear. "It was me that saw you on the bridge".

I tried to stand but my legs weren't working I have to listen to the rest of his apology, I tried to blank it out but it invaded my head.

"I was going for a training run..."

"Leaning off the edge..."

"Tried to help..."

"Too late for anything..."

"Told guidance councillor..."

"No idea they were listening..."

And then the two ugly words again. "I'm sorry".

Somehow I found strength, maybe his words gave me anger, but once again I  found myself running away, I could hear him shouting apologies behind me then beginning to follow, I hid behind some shrubs until he passed he kept running, calling my name.

If only he hadn't said anything, if only things could have stayed the way they were, if only we hadn't grown up. I shake my head feeling the small leaves of a spruce nod with me.

I decided then that I needed to run away, leave my life behind. "Someday" I promised my self "You'll be happy".

After waiting for five minutes I dragged myself out of the shrubbery and began to walk , tears still stinging my face. As I crossed the Wayland bridge my phone started ringing, Justins number flashed twice, clenching my fist I hurled my phone off the edge of the bridge, feeling slightly better I begin to take the long road home. I wasn't even sure why I was bothering to go back, if my Dad didn't want me, If my school didn't want me. If Justin didn't want me then where did I have to go?






It's been a while, since I updated The long road home, how are you all?  I'm hoping that I can start to upload a bit more regularly from now on.

Aimee's had a bit of a hard time so far, but things are going to brighten up in her future  what direction do you think her story will take from here?

Thank you all for being so loyal and putting up with my lateness, cheers Eli

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