Together Again

Mimi is finally reunited with her childhood friends. Also including her childhood love. What happens when they start getting closer to each other? Do they fall in love again, or do they just decide to stay friends? *HAS NO CONNECTION TO ANY OF MY OTHER STORY ALSO NOT A SEQUEL TO ANYTHING* Also sorry for putting out so many books and not updating frequently. Also I have to many ideas my little head of mine.:)


2. Seeing her

Luke's POV

We were on our way to London from Australia to visit One Direction for at least a week. They invited us to come to hang out and stuff like that. We got really close after and during the tour with them. They're really cool and chill guys.

We decided to take my private jet, that I just bought a month ago to avoid all the fans and paparazzi. 

We finally got to London and it's 6:45 right now. Just enough time to go clubbing. Ashton said he had a friend he had to meet up with and he was going to take us with him. He said we were going to meet her and her friends at Funky Buddha. 

We decided to go to Harry's flat and hang out there and get ready because we were going to leave at around 8. We got to his flat and he let us in and we all took a short nap. I was the first one to get up and I started to get ready.

"Hey Harry you going clubbing with us mate?" I asked while walking to the kitchen where Harry was eating a sandwich. 

Harry: "Hell yea, I'll call the guys and ask if they want to go. Also which one we going to?"

"Ok and do you even have to ask? Funky Buddha of course" 

Harry: "Right sorry, haven't been there in a long time"

The others woke up and they all started getting ready. By the time we were all done it was time to leave. Harry said that Niall, Liam, and Louis were already, they go clubbing a lot.

We got in the car and Harry drove us. "Hey how do you know this girl your meeting with anyway" I asked curiously looking at Ashton beside me. 

Ashton: "Just a friend, thats all" he answered with a big grin on his face.

Harry: "What's her name?"

Ashton: "Nikki"

Harry: "Oh okay, just wanted to see if I new the girl, her name sounds so familiar."

We finally got there and got out the car. The place was packed, normal. How are we going to find her in this crowd? Ashton looked around for Nikki all of us following right behind him trying not to lose him with the gigantic crowd. I think he said she had a a little party room in the back, but I wasn't really paying attention. We found the room in the back where she said it was at, and we walked in. The room mostly had girls, and some guys not a bunch probably some of the girls boyfriends. They all looked about the same age as us. I started scanning the room to see if I knew anyone, and I couldn't believe my eyes. I thought I was dreaming.

Mimi's POV

Nikki said we were going clubbing and I decided to start getting since she said we were leaving in 30 minutes. I finally finished and looked in the mirror one last time, not going to lie I looked pretty good.

I wore this:

I curled my dark brown hair did my make-up, and had a light shade of red lipstick on and a little bit of eye shadow, nothing to wild. We drove to the club and agreed to meet our friends and there boyfriends there.

Nikki:" Ahh!! I can't wait" she basically yelled in the car while I was driving. 

"Why are you so excited we go clubbing a lot. How is this time any different from the rest?" I asked

Nikki: "Right I forgot to tell you, I have a friend in town and he's going to be there tonight. He's also bringing some of his friends with him. You might know who they are, well from the telly and media I mean, they're really famous."

"Oh okay and who are they?" I asked curiously 

Nikki: "It's a secret" 

"No fair" I said pouting. Nikki noticed me and laughed.

We got to Funky Buddha and went inside. We got a VIP room in the back and waited for everyone to arrive. While people started arriving we ordered a bunch of drinks and shots for everyone. I didn't want to drink a whole lot but I did have a shot or two, nothing to strong.

Nikki was sitting across from me my back facing the door but I had my side to the door talking to my friend Niall, and yes it was Niall Horan from One Direction. He's really sweet and so are the other members. I noticed Nikki getting really nervous and staring at the door. Niall and I tried to calm her down but it was no use. Nikki kept staring at the door. She was actually the one who introduced me to One Direction and we all started to hang out and became really good friends. I gave up and just talked to Niall, Liam, and Louis. We were laughing and talking most of the time. I saw Nikki get up suddenly, but I didn't pay attention to her I just thought she went to the restroom or out to the dance floor.

Luke's POV

I couldn't believe my eyes, I didn't think I would ever see her again. She looked so beautiful in what she was wearing. She didn't change that much but she was so much prettier, not that she wasn't pretty before, she's just prettier, I don't know. All the memories started to come back. All the happy and and sad memories flooding in my mind I just stood there staring at her. I felt tears building up but I stopped them from falling and held it in. I just wanted hr in my arms again. The boys got lost and I guess is still trying to find the room. I saw Ashton also looking at Mimi with wide eyes, while I guess Nikki was walking up to him and hugging him. 

"Mimi?" I finally spoke out.

"Yea?" She turned to look at me and her beautiful brown eyes widened.

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