Together Again

Mimi is finally reunited with her childhood friends. Also including her childhood love. What happens when they start getting closer to each other? Do they fall in love again, or do they just decide to stay friends? *HAS NO CONNECTION TO ANY OF MY OTHER STORY ALSO NOT A SEQUEL TO ANYTHING* Also sorry for putting out so many books and not updating frequently. Also I have to many ideas my little head of mine.:)


1. Intro

Hi my name is Mimi

I have dark brown hair and brown eyes

Im half Australian and half Thai (Asian)

I was born and raise in Australia

I'm 19 I have 4 childhood friends, Calum, Luke, Ashton, and Michael

We have been best friends since we were born because all our parents were really close

They have been with me through thick and thin, they always stood up for me because I was bullied a lot in school because of my race and that I was half

When I turned 16 my parents decided to move all of us to Thailand, Asia to spend more time with my mum's side of the family, but I guess i'm back. Well in London instead of Australia.

And so the the story begins, sorry for the plain and non original intro, just didn't feel like explaining all that in the story. But I left some stuff out ;)

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