Mending eternity (メンディングエタニティ)

Anahira Katsumi Has had a rough time, Her parents were Murdered Horrifically about Two Years ago by a Psycho Named Bates, He was once a very good friend of the family So everyone was surprised to hear that he had murdered Anahira's parent's, But the thought that crossed there mind the most is what had drove him to kill them and what Had been going on. Anahira Never listened to the rumors Especially the unthinkable ones " Maybe her mother was having an affair with him, and refused to leave her husband putting him in a psychotic rage." They said, But why is he hiding why cant they find him. Today is Anahira's Birthday and shes going to find out what Golddust has in store. To be continued....


1. The end Is just the beginning.

Anahira was walking down block Thirty-Six Heading towards The sky tree, Japan's most tallest free standing building. Today was her Sixteenth Birthday and she was all alone to celebrate. She headed into the elevator to get to the top floor, "I know I don't believe in anything up above but I Love you mom and dad." She thought as she sighed and looked up dragging her hand down the cold elevator wall, The elevator wall Reminded  Her of The empty flat that was waiting for her at home, Cold,Dark and Lonely. Sighing Anahira walked out of the elevator as the doors opened  with a ping, Walking down the Moon lit hall she passes her neighbors door, Turning her head a little she gave it a glance just to turn and fumble for her keys, "Why did this all have to happen to me," she said under her breath with a sigh,  Placing her forehead against the door she starts to think about the life changing night.........Walking through the gate  to her Bright white House that had vines and beautiful flowers up and down the sides of the walls, She bounced Up the steps in a hurry to be home with her parents, As she makes it to the porch she glances into the window seeing the lights on, In a rush she runs through the door. "Mom Dad! I'm Ho-...Mom...." Coming to a complete stop she had to look twice at what she saw. Her mother sprawled out in the middle of the floor with large gashes on her back. Screaming she runs to her mother's dead body. "Mom! Mom! Please wake up! Mom!." She screamed as she held her mother's head in her lap, Rocking back and forth as the tears slid down her face She looked up urgently."Dad! Dad!." She yelled as she ran around looking for her father, Him not being in the Main room's like her mom she ran to her dads office in the back, The wood door was cracked open from what she could see there were papers all over the ground and a few shards of broken glass, Pushing the door open she looked around. Sweat beading at her forehead nervously she walked in, Looking around closely the office was torn apart, Her fathers paper's were scattered around like they had been pushed off the desk, The book shelf was what it had looked like been thrown to the floor, Stepping over books and broken glass that seemed to have been from the window, Bending over she saw the family picture which dad had always kept on his desk seemed to have been smashed, Bending over to pick it up she noticed her dad's face was scratched out of it, Picking it up she held it close and sunk to her knees "Why! Why!." She cried out.......Snapping to reality she shook her head. " No there's still hope they didn't find Dad's body he could still be alive." She thought to her self as a tear ran down her face, "Or he could be dead." Feeling alone in the world Anahira Threw the keys to the ground, With a Clack they hit the ground, Anahira not caring she took off running towards the door that said 'Roof, Staff only' Ignoring the sign she ran up the twist and turns of the Two flight stairs with her hands rubbing at the tears coming down her face " I can't go on like this." She whispered, Reaching the door she throw it open with all the force she had and she just ran. She ran until she reached the edge of the roof. "Mom i'm on my way." She said to herself as she took the last step slowly, She fell downward towards The ground.

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