Mending eternity (メンディングエタニティ)

Anahira Katsumi Has had a rough time, Her parents were Murdered Horrifically about Two Years ago by a Psycho Named Bates, He was once a very good friend of the family So everyone was surprised to hear that he had murdered Anahira's parent's, But the thought that crossed there mind the most is what had drove him to kill them and what Had been going on. Anahira Never listened to the rumors Especially the unthinkable ones " Maybe her mother was having an affair with him, and refused to leave her husband putting him in a psychotic rage." They said, But why is he hiding why cant they find him. Today is Anahira's Birthday and shes going to find out what Golddust has in store. To be continued....


2. For My Dad (Sorry it sucks)


    WOOSH. She was falling her luscious silver curls wrapping around  her Soft Pale Face Highlighting her Slated Pale blue eye’s and Her silky pitch black eyelashes, As the ground came Closer and Closer she Darted her eyes shut as if it was going to make it faster and painless. Flinching expecting the ground she instead hears a voice “ Oh my darling what were you thinking? That you’d actually die? Well honey i can’t let that happen.” the Person said. Her eye’s darted open as fast as they closed, Looking down in a panic she saw that everything had seemed to freeze, No one was moving, She wasn’t falling, And they were just floating there, Glancing up at the person she was startled at what she saw. It was a Overweight man with Ill-Favored Pink curled hair and an Unruly amount of body hair, He was wearing a hello kitty tank top and shorts, “ Hello miss Anahira i’m Miki The first head of Golddust and I have Chosen you as one of the 5 king’s.” He said smiling and pinching her cheek. “ Anahira seemingly dumbfounded stares at the man as if waiting for it to all be a dream. “ I guess i have some explaining to do.” Miki says laughing lightly. “Well unless you want to fall to your sudden death we better shimmy are way back to safety.” He exclaims While clapping his hands.

Anahira still in shock stand’s on the building feeling as if she has fell into some alien like vortex. “ So you're saying that i’ve been chosen as one of Th- The what.” She stammered while pacing back and forth. Miki laughs as if it was some kind of game for him, As if he’s done this a thousand times. Smirking he looks at her. “ Well it seems your not the sharpest knife in the drawer.” Anahira seemingly offended huff’s. “ That is not what's going on here.” she shoots back obviously annoyed with him. “ How would you react if someone just throws a whole lard of B.S on you.” She exclaimed. Miki sighed and clapped his hands together, “Alright i’ll explain everything once so listen close my child. I’m from a organization for..How do i say this...Um special people, Called Golddust there are Five people we have to find, You being one of them. They are scattered about japan not living the average life, My job as the head master is to assemble them together to form the Five kings. The five kings protect The city of Tokyo from the Banshee, Banshee are a type of Spirit of the dead but not Exactly like that they are spirits that haven’t crossed yet. They have Demons and familiars. The five kings must get together and destroy The banshee and any demon they foresto, There familiars can’t fight because that is there life line, If a familiar is killed so is its master.” Sighing heavily miki stood up. “We didn't think we’d have to bring you guy’s together so soon but there’s something going on and we need your help.” Miki glanced at her apologetically as if he was about to regret doing something. Anahira was dazed  as she looked at Miki. “So you're saying we have to all come together and destroy ghost?” She exclaimed. Miki nodded, “So what do we us-, I mea- Ugh.” Obviously distressed Anahira glared at miki. “Okay.” she said calmly. “How do we Defeat them we have no weapons.” Sighing Anahira stared at the midnight sky as if it’d make everything normal again. Miki laughed lightly and waved his hand making two animit objects appear. Looking closely she saw what seemed to be, Throwing knives and a baby wolf. Laughing she turned around to confront miki on how unuseful this stuff will be, But no one’s there it's like no one was ever there, Only thing that was different is the baby wolf and Throwing knifes. “What am I going to do.” she thought to herself, Looking down at the ground she imagined herself being a hero. Leaning over to pick up one of the throwing knifes, She feels a sharp pain in her back screaming she falls to her knees and starts to feel at her back, Rubbing up and down her back she starts to feel prickles. “What is this!.” she exclaimed. “Am I growing needles out of my back.” She thought to herself as she reached for one of the Sharp pieces coming out of her back. Pulling on it as hard as she could seemed to have gotten one out, Uncovering it from her blood she panted as she examined it. “Is Th- this a feather.” she stammered. Standing up as fast as she could she started pulling out as many as she could, Sweat beaded her forehead from all the pain, Slowly she stopped the pain was to much to bear. Letting herself fall to the ground she moved to put her hands on the ground out in front of her, But there was a problem, She wasn’t on the ground! Panicking she looked to seem what was going on, She saw something never in her life had she never thought she would, Wings. There was Wing’s growing out of her back not bird wings but what it looked like to be angel wings. They were as white as could be with perfect arches from the way down. Reaching to feel them she took note at how soft they where t was like rubbing silk, Still in Awe Anahira put her fist in the air. “I'll do it!” she exclaimed. At this moment all she could think about is the possibility to find her father. Smiling Angelic like she ran off the top of the roof and flew.

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