When He's Around I need him by me (Skate Fanfiction)

Sirena is new at school and whenever she sees him she needs him to be hers.

What will happen??


11. The New Kid

 I walked into the school and was actually kind of nervous because I was the one who had to show the new kid around school and I think it was going to be a boy but I guess I have to wait and find out.



The new kid just came out of the principals office and the principal said:

"This is Sirena, she will be showing you around the school. She is in most of your classes so you will be fine. Have a fun day on your first day! Oh by the way this is Adym!"


"Hey what's up. You can call me Papi Ricco or just Adym whatever u prefer." He said.


"Okay. I'm Sirena and I'm in all of your classes actually. So we have chemistry right now so we can go right now but I have to go to my locker so you can follow me if you want since you don't know where your really going!,"

"Okay I'll follow you."

"So where did you move from, a preppy rich town or something or did you come from a private school?"

" well I'm actually the principals son. So I just got back home because I went to a different part of Cali to start my music career and my YouTube channel."

" omg you're not its Ricco tho on YouTube are you?"

"Yeah I am actually. Why do you watch my channel? Cause that would be lit if you do?!"

"I do me and my friend have watched all of your videos and I am so in love with you! But don't tell my boyfriend I said I was in love with you he will kill me." I exclaimed.


"Okay I got you. It will be our little secret!" Adym said as he bit his lip and kissed my neck.





Will Skate tell me not hang out with him or talk to him?!

What will happens?


What will what will happen with me and the new kid?!


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