When He's Around I need him by me (Skate Fanfiction)

Sirena is new at school and whenever she sees him she needs him to be hers.

What will happen??


8. The Answers⚜👍

Me and Skate were sitting next to each other in the lunch room and I needed to know what the answer was like right away.so I sat there and ate and talked to everyone except for Skate. Then he said okay are you ready.

"Yeah what u gonna say now?!"

"Sirena I have dated other girls. I've had sex with two girls and I've kissed a lot of girls before you. But you know what just like Amber said get em while you can cause u know what she was right if I didn't get u somebody else would've and they would have broken your heart and would have never told I the truth. I just told u mostly everything and I can't say anything else here cause of these stupid ass bitches in this school but I will tell u after school I promise." Skate admitted.

I didn't even say anything so he was getting really scared and all I did was grab his face turn it towards me and I kissed him. He kissed back obviously. But then I just hugged him and people were just saying ohhhhhhh damn. I forgot we were in the lunch room until then. But I didn't care I want the whole school to know that I am taken by Skate and he's mine so back the fuck up.

Then we were in lunch for another 15 minutes. I loved lunch because I had all of my friends there. But I have art next with skate and the football team so now I have to deal with what everybody says now. And they always hit on me so this is going to be interesting for what I have to say when they do it. Skate will most likely hate me for what I say but I don't care I'm gonna say it anyways.

"Hey Baby wats up!" One guy said.

"Um excuse me you do see m standing right here with my arm around her right." Skate exclaimed.

"Yeah so that's normal for you to do that with other girls while with another!" The guy yelled and looked at me grabbing my hand as I pulled my hand away I moved away from Skate and the other guy and went to go sit by myself all the way in the back.

As I went back there I was all alone so the teacher came by me and gave me all of the notes she did and then she gave me the assignment because she's seen this happen before but the girl never did what I did. So anyways I was prepared for this class the be over so I can go home. I just done with Skte and his lies. I can't deal with them all right now it's Friday and I just want to go hoe after his block and just relax and have some friends over that don't lie to me and chill out.

*25 minutes later*

"Ok class we have about 25 minutes left of class and then u need to finish everything up and clean up." Ms.D said.

I then raised my hand an she came by me and skate and the other guy from before turned around and Skate looked really upset and the guy was just tearing up. But skate I love him but I don't know why he never told me that. But why was the other guy tearing up I want to know. I guess I'm gonna have to find out. I got up and asked the guy from before to come by my table so that I can talk to him about something important.

"What's your name?"

"I'm Justin."

"Why are u tearing up?"

"Because ur just so hot I don't want to see u get heartbroken by a fuckboy like Skate. I just don't want to see any girl get hurt by him or any fuckboy. Me on the other hand I won't hurt u at all. I'll keep u safe and sound." Justin said as he started to rub my leg.

"Oh well thanks for the info what's ur number I have many ogre questions for u."

He gave me his number and walked away and I texted Skate and told him to come by my table right now. He saw it and he got up and came by my table and sat down. I knew he was upset but I don't want him to be because I love him and I will never stop. I needed him to be able to have a feeling that I don't hate him or dislike him because of what I heard.

What will I say during this class talk that me and Skate have?

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