When He's Around I need him by me (Skate Fanfiction)

Sirena is new at school and whenever she sees him she needs him to be hers.

What will happen??


4. Gym Class

So as Skate and I walked to my next period I knew that I probably had him in gym class. So I was like ok whatever. But when we got to the class he came to my ear and whispered this;

"Babysits you would look mad fine in my gym shirt. But better yet it would look better on my floor and u in my bed!!" He bit his lip looking down at me.

"Oh really." I said playing along.

I than grabbed his hand and we walked into gym together. I was kind of ready to play this game with Skate. I was prepared for him and me to be together.

So I went to the girls locker room and he went to the boys locker room. I then saw Amber and I was so happy I had her in this class cause I didn't see anyone else I knew yet. So me and Amber jumped up and down and went into the locker room to get changed into our gym uniforms. They were cute they were short red shorts and a grey shirt the had red and white writing on it that said Miami High School. I was kind of feeling it. I mean since it was comfortable and I felt cute and showing off in it. I mean I had a big butt so I was prepared to show Skate my ass off in gym all the time now.

I am ready to show all of the guys what I can do instead of look good in gym uniforms. So me and Amber walked out of the locker room and stood on the court against the wall where we were told to stand and wait for instructions. Then I saw Skate walk out of the locker room with his uniform on and he looked fucking sexy with that shit on. Damn did he look good. He than made contact with what I was wearing I knew because I felt like someone was rating me down. So he ran over to me and he hugged me from behind. I mean I was happy but Amber didn't seem to excited about him doing that to me since he just met me.

"Mami u look mighty fine in this uniform!" He whispered to me.

"You look mad hot in your uniform yourself!" I exclaimed.

"Oh really you know what would look better you me in my bed right now!" He said.

"I'd rather not go that fast Skate we just met now go over there before you get in trouble!" I exclaimed and playfully slapped his shoulder.

"Ok Mami." He said as he slapped my ass gently and jogged back to where he had to be.

I turned around in embarrassment and I gave him the death stare and he just laughed at me and but his lip. I rolled my eyes and turned back around towards Amber.

"What is going on between you two??" Amber said mad at me.

"Nothing he just wants to get into my pants and I won't let him do I'm playing a little game with him. So that he thinks I'll let him get into my pants even though I want him but we just met. So when he does do that I'm gonna just tell him I can't do it yet it's to early for this to happen!!" I explained.

"To tell u the truth Sirena he's not trying to get into your pants he's just trying to have everybody know that ur his so that he can have u to himself. He's but truly to do anything he's not doing what he did to the other girls to get into there pants. He actually being normal with u. I guess he knows that Nash and Cameron and Sammy will beat his ass if he ever hurts u or try's anything on u that u don't want to be tried out for!" She exclaimed.

Then Sammy and Skate jogged over by us and Sammy grabbed my hand and Skate grabbed Amber's and raised them and said we picked them.i guess we are on there team. But see now me and amber are gonna win the game and their gonna loose it and think they won even though they won't do anything. So we are gonna be playin volleyball easy I play this all the time.

We began the game with our team serving. Sammy was serving he actually did really good and we kept going and we got two points first than we got the next two then we got 20 points all together and we won the game. Me and Amber just did our handshake which went like this: (the saying)

'That's how we do it girls,

We know where our fun at,

We do what we do best,

Which is to put u to the test,

And we won that bet,

To get you to regret!'

As we say that we slap slap clap turn shake our ass look at each other and then slap each other's ass at the end. We were really skinny so we had all of the guys staring at us and Sammy and a Skate were just standing there biting their lips. Sammy was staring at my ass and Skate was staring at both of our asses. I was so shocked but happy that they were staring at us. Cause that means that they love us and that they really know who to pick for every game they play.

Well it was time for lunch so we went and got changed into our normal day clothes and when we walked out of the locker rooms we saw Sam and Skate waiting for us. We all walked to lunch together. Me and Amber were I between the boys as we walked to lunch. Skate had his arm around my shoulder and Sammy had his around Amber's. I was happy but Amber was excited cause she knew I wanted Skate and I knew she always wanted Sammy. So we have our dream boys right now.

What will happen with us now??

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