When He's Around I need him by me (Skate Fanfiction)

Sirena is new at school and whenever she sees him she needs him to be hers.

What will happen??


3. First Period

Me and Cameron got all of our stuff and went to first period the teacher knew everything so we were all good. When we walked in. I noticed that I was in the same class at Skate. I knew something was gonna happen if I sat in the seat next to him.

"Hello Mr.Dallas please have a seat!" The teacher explained.

He walked to his seat and pointed to the seat in front of Skate and I sat there. So I was sitting down and after I sat down Skate sat up and pulled my seat towards his desk more. Then I sat down.

"Hey babe wanna come over later and see what will happen between us??" He questioned in my ear.

"I'd rather not. And say we did!!" I exclaimed.

"Oh come on baby don't be like that!" He ran his fingers down my back.

"I said no." I shrugged my shoulders and moved my desk back up.

Through out the whole class he kept on playing around with me. He was sitting behind me touching my ass, feeling my hair, playing with my hair, and even kissing my neck when the teacher turned his back around.

The class ended after about 30 minutes since we got there late. I was walking towards Cameron and he said:

"Oh you have your next class with Skate so go with him."

"Ok." I rolled my eyes and walked towards Skate with a smile.

"Hey baby changed your mind." He exclaimed.

"No Cameron told me to go with u since I have my next class with u." I said.

"Oh ok then baby girl we will see what happens in Chemistry." He said looking me up and down again.

As we walked to Chemistry he put his arm around me and I just let him do it and I played along with his game. When we got to class I sat next to him since I didn't see anyone else I knew. As I sat there the teacher called out our partner names. I hop I didn't get Skate.

"Amanda and Brian."

"Zayn and Katrina"

"Alex and Alexandra"

"Sirena and Nate"

Fuck me man.

I got stuck with Nate why!!

Nate is Skate by the way!!

When he heard that he looked at me and but his lip. I was so grossed out by him. He then pulled me in closer to him. As the class went on he rubbed my upper thigh and I slapped him a couple times but he still did it.

Then he went to go touch my stomach and I didn't let that happen. So I moved over and I put my legs on his. Then he leaned back looking at me like damn mami u get me.

I was so afraid of what was gonna happen but I couldn't stop anything he did. So I sat there and as I was sitting there I moved my legs and I paid attention to the teacher talking. The teacher then called on me

"Sirena the new student how about u explain what the water cycle is! Since it seems like u know it by the way Nate is talking to u."

"Ok sure!" I said and explained the whole water cycle in the shortest possible way.

So I was done and Skate and all of the other guys in the class looked at me like damn that girl is smart as fuck and the girls that were with them slapped all of the guys in the head to stop staring at me. They were especially staring at my chest since I had a crop top on and u could see the top of my breasts.

Anyways the bell rang for next period and Skate walked me to class so I wasn't alone as I was going to class. He still had his arm around me like he did before going to Chemistry. I wonder if I have this class with him too.

I hope not I need time away from him already. I just got to this school and I need time away from him.

I wanted Skate but not yet not now. I just got him I don't know him well enough yet!! Or do I!!

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