When He's Around I need him by me (Skate Fanfiction)

Sirena is new at school and whenever she sees him she needs him to be hers.

What will happen??


2. First Day

Today is my first day of Miami High. I am kind of nervous about it but excited at the same time.

It was 7:30 in the morning. I jumped into the shower and got out and blew dried my hair straight. Then I threw a black and white jersey crop top on. Some black skinny jeans, black and white nike high tops and a black and white snap back on backwards. I got my shot for the school day and I got my Jess and left in my car to school.

When I got to the school parking lot I saw a lot of people and then Cameron noticed me and so did Nash. They ran up to my Jeep and hugged me so tight when I got out. I got out of my Jeep and I started to walk to the stairs when I saw his guy and he was so hot. He was sexy as a matter of fact.

"Hey Nash!" The hot guy said.

"Hey Skate what's up!" Nash exclaimed.

"Who's that gorgeous looking gal u got with u?" Skate questioned staring at me as I was talking to Cameron.

"Oh that's one of my friends that just moved here and she's going to this school now. Her name is Sirena." Nash explained and slapped his hand and wakes away with me and all my friends by his side.

As we walked in Skate followed us and he went to his classes. Then I went and got my schedule and Amber came along with me. Cameron showed me where my locker was and I had my first period with him so he was allowed to be late with me since I new anyways.

So I got my locker and when I got to my locker Cameron went to his to get his stuff it was on the other end of the hall. So I went to mine he went to his and then I got my backpack out the stuff I needed in it and put the rest in my locker and then I waited for Cameron so I decorated my locker with the things I bought with me to make my locker seem a little bit better than everybody else's. I put some band logos in it and me and my best friends and my soon to be boyfriend hopefully I'll get a picture with Skate cause he's so hot.

"Why is he so HOT!!" As I asked myself that Skate came up next to me as I was waiting for Cameron.

"Why is who so hot??" He questioned me looking me up and down.

"Just this guy that I met today before school started!" I exclaimed trying to cover everything up.

"Who me??" He asked.

I was nervous to tell him so I didn't cause I saw Cameron walking back by my locker to get me. But before Cameron reached me and my locker. Skate pushed me up against the locker kissed me and then my neck and hugged me and whispered into my ear.

"I hope we get to see each other real soon." He bit his lip and than walked away.

I almost died when he said that into my ear.

What will happen when I get to class??

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