When He's Around I need him by me (Skate Fanfiction)

Sirena is new at school and whenever she sees him she needs him to be hers.

What will happen??


7. Drama Shit </3

     When Skate walked in the school with me everybody just stared at us. I was so fucking happy that everybody knew so I let Skate put his arm around me and I let him come to my locker with me and everything. I didn't care what people thought about us dating. It was our decision to start dating not the whole entire schools.



So I stood by my locker and opened it and then Skate's friends walked over by hi and said how the fuck did you get the new girl and have her sexy ass without fucking her every night.


Then I heard Skate say

"Well if you really love the one your with and she don't wanna bang then you will wait and I think its worth it." Then I looked at him and just smashed my lips onto his soft ones. All his friends looked at me and him like how the fuck don't you bang that every night.



I gave them all a look got my shit and me and Skate left as we walked down the hall with his arm around my shoulder. I was happy the school knew cause now they will know the real Skate. Or maybe I'm gonna find out the new Skate or the real one that I've been told about.



"Hey Skate I have a question?" I asked.


"Yeah what is it lil mama." Skate answered.


"How many girls have you had before me and did you have sex with all of them?? I want the truth??"


"why are you asking me this?"


"Just answer it cause if you can't I'm not dating you anymore or talking to you anymore either. Tell me now or were done. I will dump your ass right now."


"Can I tell u in lunch and we can go in the hall and walk and talk about it."


"Sure why not. As long as you tell me everything I asked you right now."


Me and Skate sat next to each other and we were happy but I wasn't I had to know the answer right away or just as soon as possible. But Skate kept on giving me hints throughout class and I wasn't so sure. If it was him telling the truth or just him trying to look cool since all of his friends were in the same class as us. And that's why he was all over me.





I guess we'll have to wait until lunch comes!!!!











what will be Skate's answer to my question??


Is it true


or is it just a rumor.

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