When He's Around I need him by me (Skate Fanfiction)

Sirena is new at school and whenever she sees him she needs him to be hers.

What will happen??


9. Class Talk

Skate got my text and got up and came and sat right across from me at the table. So I leaned towards him and said to him:

"Tell me the truth!"

"Like what do u want to know the girls I'm guessing!"

"Yes the girls! Tell me nothing but the truth tight now!"

"Okay here it goes then."

I just sat there and listened to what he had to say.

"Okay Babe. I have slept with two girls before you. But both times I was either drunk or high and I wouldn't even know their names I remember you're name like your my wife and I have to and it's just stuck in my head. But those two girls I don't even know where or who they are still. Yes I've been with maybe 10 other girls before you but I only slept with 2 girls and it wasn't even like we did really do it. But it did happen. Now, everything else smoking I quit for you. Drinking I still do but not as heavy. But for smoking I mean I quit but I am still smoking a little bit. That's all the truth oh and by the way I'm on the football team and basketball team too. That's all the truth!" Skate said.

I just looked at him as he saw the tears run down my face and he stood up and ran towards me and hugged me and told me everything's going to be okay. But I just didn't believe that Skate was crying with me right now in school in front of his friends. I love him and I'm not stoping. I looked up at Skate and I just kissed him dead ass on his lips. I will always love Skate and I will never take shit from anybody anymore. I love him and I'm giving him a prize for the truth tonight.

"Hey babe!" I said.

"Yeah!" Skate said as he bit his lip.

"Why is everyone looking at us awkwardly?" I questioned.

"Oh those two girls that I don't know their names out up shit saying I got them pregnant but I had slept with them more than 2 years ago and they would've had the baby already. So here we go with another rumor." Skate explained to me.

"Great now here comes another one! This really sucks cause I can't deal with these stupid ass fuckin rumors anymore. I need to stop it all right now!" I took Skates hand and went to the office and asked if we could have the microphone for s minute for an announcement.

" if anybody believes the rumor about Skate and the two girls please report to the auditorium at this time. Thank u!" I said and we went to the auditorium.

Everybody was I there technically. Except for our friends obviously. So we looked around and I saw the two girls that actually just came to school today to visit. As they say they were doing. They looked at Skate and ran away from him. But our friends stopped them at each door they tried to go through.

"Hey girls why are you running?" I asked.

"We're not running!" They said as they hugged each other scared.

"BOO!" I said.

"Ok ok the rumor is not true it's fake we made it up so that Skate and his girlfriend would break up. Now can we go!" They said scared as fuck.

"No why would u want to break us up!" I questioned.

"Because we had skate before your and we just wanted the whole school to know that he's a fuckboy and not s guy that takes care of girls but you obviously know he isn't now. So can we please go!" They said.

"Yeah leave you motherfuckers!"Me and Amber yelled.

With that they left and the whole school knew the truth and so did we.

Skates getting a little surprise tonight!

What will it be?

Will he get me finally!

Will we just hang out at my house in my room just us two?

Will we tell everybody and everything that were dating?

Find out next chapter!

Keep reading!!

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