Darkened Hearts

There is always darkness in our hearts. Everyone has a darkness I am no exception. But my darkness is darker than anybody else's darkness. So bad I an loosing the war within myself. Nobody can tame this darkness . Someday I will surpass the greatest evil on this Earth. More evil than the black mage Zeref himself. For now I will wait in the darkness until my time has come. I wish for death. But my darkness will always stop me and take control when I am on the brink of death. Nobody can tame me. Not even myself even though I am a dragon slayer.


15. Trouble

(Sable's) POV

The boy then leaves and I am surrounded by the guild. I look over at Naomi's body and begin to cry, I crawl over to her and cradle her to my chest. I move her hair out of her face and look at her face. dry blood was caked on her face. I wipe the blood off and lay her head on my lap. I pet her hair and gently draw circles on her cheek, somebody grabs me hand in a vice grip. I look at her with dead eyes. "Erza." I whisper and jerk my hand out of her grip. "Who was that!?" she questions me. "I don't know. If I did I still wouldn't tell you." I utter. She picks me up by the collar of my shirt and my feet dangle above the floor. I stare at her with impassive eyes. "What do you want?" I ask. "You better be grateful! Wendy helped you!" she yells. "She could of left me knocking at deaths door. I don't care as long as she helps Naomi I am fine. I don't care if I die." I mumble. Her grip tightens and I am struggling for air, but I don't show it.

I look over at Naomi. Her eyes are still closed. I look back at Erza and sigh. "Let me go." I say. "Tell me your connection with that man!" she yells "I wont tell you." I growl out. She drops me onto the floor with a glare. "Sooner or later you will tell me." she seethes. I make my way back to Naomi and place her head back on my lap and pet her hair. "Your hair is soft." I whisper. I could feel everybody's stares aiming at me and Naomi. "What?" I bit out. "My child. Why don't you and Naomi and go back to the infirmary." says Makarov. I nod silently and place Naomi's arm on my shoulder and shakily support her weight. I place a hand on the wall to support us and slowly walk up the steps almost falling a few times.Finally getting to the door I place Naomi on the bed and collapse of exhaustion.

(Naomi's ) POV 

I had that nightmare again, where I was surrounded by mirrors but I didn't see myself, I saw her, that black woman with scarlet eyes, she leans forward, I try to pull away but all I hear is the clanking of the shackles I'm bound to. "can't escape myself," I crumpled into a ball as she ran her fingers through my hair, I shuttered at her touch, but something fell by my side, a small rusted key, I tried to reach for it, but the creature held me in a death grip, to the point where I thought that she was going to rip my arm off. I tried to reach, my arm couldn't make it, I was bound to my prison, "I'm not ment to be free." I sank back and the darkness began to consume me. There was a faint purple glow in the distance as a figure stepped into view, the creature hissed at the figure and sank back into the shadows. He walked over and with a wave of his hand my bonds were gone, he mouthed something and turned away, I leaped up, but it was too late. He was as gone. I was alone again, then it hit me, what he was saying.

"Zeref!" I screamed as I leaped from my bed, Sable woke up with a jolt, as Erza bolted in, "what was that name?!" She snapped at me, "Zeref." I mumbled again in a sheepish tone.

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