Darkened Hearts

There is always darkness in our hearts. Everyone has a darkness I am no exception. But my darkness is darker than anybody else's darkness. So bad I an loosing the war within myself. Nobody can tame this darkness . Someday I will surpass the greatest evil on this Earth. More evil than the black mage Zeref himself. For now I will wait in the darkness until my time has come. I wish for death. But my darkness will always stop me and take control when I am on the brink of death. Nobody can tame me. Not even myself even though I am a dragon slayer.


5. Rest

(Sable's) POV

I woke up and rubbed my eyes. There was a figure. "Mama?" I called out. The figure shook her head. It was that girl. I looked around scared and confused. "D-did I hurt anyone?" I asked frightened. She shook her head. "H-how? that could of killed you!" I said looking at her. She pulled her shirt revealing a long scar. I winced. "I've had worse." she said. "Dang." I thought. The door burst open and in came Violet. "Sable! I'm so happy you are safe!" she cried. "Hey Violet. How are the guild members? I didn't hurt anybody did I?" I asked making extra sure it was ok. "All the guild members are all safe and sound!" she said. "Good." I said in relief. "What happened?" I asked her. "Well Naomi was the one that stopped you." Violet said. "But how? That could kill!" I cried. I turned and looked at Naomi. "How did you do it? Please tell me. I don't want to hurt any more people with this-this horrendous magic I have." I said staring at my hands. "Please. Can you tell me? Can you teach it?" I pleaded. She shook her head. "I'm sorry, but I don't know how. It was just came to me. I don't even know myself." she explained. My hope died. "O-oh. W-well t-that's ok." I said. "I'm sorry." she said. "N-no need." I said. "Well Violet. You ready to leave. We can't stay here now." I said standing up. "Sable! You still need to rest!" yelled Violet. "Getting out of here and staying away from people so they can't get hurt is what I need to do!" I yelled. The door opened and a woman with scarlet hair came in. "What is going on in here?" she asked. "She wont lay down and rest! she needs to sleep." yelled Violet. "Violet. Shut it. I don't want people to know anything about me. So just let me go." I growled. I started to walk out the door. "I'm sorry. But I must do this." whispered the scarlet hair woman as she hit me in the back of the neck. All was dark as I feel to the floor.

(Naomi's) POV

I looked at the scarlet haired girl, "thank you, it's better that she's asleep." She nods and takes a seat close by, I studied her close, but she didn't seem like she wanted to hurt anyone so I let her stay. Violet paced back and forth in the room muttering something, Minx was making sure I was staying hydrated while I was healing. After a about an hour or so I sat back and sighed, "It's getting worse." I said under my breath. Sable sat up, I weakly looked up at her and smiled. "Your awake, I'm glad." I walked over to her bed and sat at the edge of it. "How are you feeling Sable?" "Fine actually, and how do you know my name?" I chuckled "well it wasn't that hard considering how much your exceede nagged me about being gentle." I look over at Violet who fell asleep in the chair, I then walked over and drape your blanket over her. I sat back with a water jug in my hand as she watched me drink the entire thing in one gulp. "How can you do that?" I wiped away the few water droplets, "well I'm water dragon slayer, so it's important to stay hydrated." I created a couple of ice cubes and dropped them into your drink, "Wait, you said you were a water dragon slayer, how did you do that?" "Well ice is water isn't it?" "Well yeah," she answered. "That means I can control it." I smiled and sat up and passed you a glass of water, "you need to stay hydrated as well, dark dragon slayer." Sable look down into her cup, "Hey it's ok, there's nothing wrong with your ability, your unique in your own way."

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