Darkened Hearts

There is always darkness in our hearts. Everyone has a darkness I am no exception. But my darkness is darker than anybody else's darkness. So bad I an loosing the war within myself. Nobody can tame this darkness . Someday I will surpass the greatest evil on this Earth. More evil than the black mage Zeref himself. For now I will wait in the darkness until my time has come. I wish for death. But my darkness will always stop me and take control when I am on the brink of death. Nobody can tame me. Not even myself even though I am a dragon slayer.


3. Not so hard decisions

(Sable's) POV

Three years have pasted. Three years since my mother vanished from my world. Three years since I have ors. And three years that I have last seen any form of life since my mentors needed to train me as fast as possible. Each day my darkness that mother warned me about grows stronger and stronger. It is only a small bit but each day some of my strength and magic little by little has to grow stronger and stronger to keep it at bay. Finally after three years I can leave. "Good bye!" I yelled to my mentors. They were nice and taught me a lot of magic. There was ice make, memory make, telepathy, heavenly body, some lost magic too. I've learned so much that my dragon slaying magic will be my only last resort. My dragon slaying power is Dark. I have to say Dark dragon's roar and stuff like that. But once every couple of months I have to practice it or else I will forget how to use it. I know this isn't what mom want's but for now. I have too. I have to become strong in order to beat this.... this darkness inside of me.

"Now. We want you to join a guild honey! A nice guild. We suggest that you join Fairy Tail." said Max one of my mentors. "Maybe we should have her join Blue Pegasus?" Alex asked. Alex was the perverted mentor while Max was the nice one. There was also May who is really nice and Anna who can be mean sometimes and puts Alex in his place. Mt masters are weird. "Ok! I will choose from on of those two." I said. I will visit the closest on. Which would that be?" I asked. "That would be Blue Pegasus my dear!" said Alex. I nodded my head. "I will take a look Anything perverted and I will exit that guild faster than you can say 'Anna has big boobs' like you would tell me during training." I said. Anna growled at Alex and I winked at him. "you traitor! I thought you loved me!?" he yelled running away from Anna. I giggled. "Bye!" I said. Violet and I were off in search of Blue Pegasus. I ran into town a little nervous. "umm. Excuse me can you tell me where Blue Pegasus is?" I asked a man. "It's the next town over." he said and walked away. I nodded and began to run.

"Hey Violet pick me up and fly me there will you! It will help increase your flying time and strength." I said. She nodded and flew us in front of Blur Pegasus. I opened the door and peaked in timidly. "Ummm Excuse me. My masters suggested that I should take a look here and maybe join." I said shyly. Suddenly I was lifted up and set on a couch. "My look how pretty you are" said a small boy with blond hair. "Her hair shines." said a boy with dark hair. "Here have a drink." said a taller boy with orange hair. I squeaked. "Heck no am I joining this perverted guild! Master Alex was wrong about joining this guild!" I shouted. "My-my what lovely parfume you have." said a man sniffing me. I screeched. "GET THE HELL AWAY FROM ME!" I screamed so loud I knew my masters could here. I fainted because of shock. "look what you did! She wont join because of you four!" said somebody. Violet glared at them. "I'm taking her with me to Fairy Tail. I bet there is not as perverted." she said and picked me up and flew away.

Where the masters are.

"HeHe seems she has already meet the trimens and there so called master." said Alex. He was it on the head. "YOU BAKA! WHY DID OU SEND HER THERE!" yelled Anna. "Hey there is no need to fight." said May and Max together.

Back to Violet and Sable

"Those perverted men. How could they do that to such a young girl." growled Violet. I woke up and looked around for any signs of any perverts. I sighed. "Thank God." I said. "Those filthy men. Doing that to you." said Violet. "Lets rest here and tomorrow we will ask around where Fairy Tail is located. She nodded and we fell asleep. I was suddenly woken up. Hey it's morning and Blue Pegasus is looking for you." said Violet. "Kyaa! GET AWAY!" I yelled. I looked around. "Violet! Why did you do that?" I pouted. "To get you up." she said. "come on. Yesterday after you feel asleep I asked around to see where Fairy Tail is and it's in not too far away from here." she said. "We will have to take a train thought." she said. I nodded. We went into town and bought tickets for the train. Suddenly when the train started I felt nauseous and the need to puke overwhelmed me. I slouched trying to hold in my puke. "V-violet! I-I need t-to g-get off." I said covering my mouth. I gagged. She ran over to the window and opened it and I puked out of it.

"Better?" she asked. "Nooo!" I moaned  in agony. "We will be there in a few hours." she said. "I hurled again at the thought of hours on this train. *Time skip* The train finally stopped and I quickly got off and kissed the ground. "Sweet, sweet ground. How I will never come to part with you again." I said. "come on your causing a scene." violet said and picked me up flying. After a few minutes of me getting over my sickness we arrived at a tall building. The sigh on the top read "FAIRY TAIL" in bold letters. "Here we go." I said preparing for the worst.

(Naomi's) POV

I walked through the streets of magnolia, the image of his face was a blur in my mind, but I remember his raven black hair and scarlet red eyes, but what I remember most was the pain in his eyes. He was an odd person but he kept coming back to the cave day after day, he knew so much about my magic, more then even I knew. He was my new teacher and over time great friend, some nights when it grew cold he would stay with me and tell stories around the fire. Till one day he never returned I waited for him, day after day, night after night, but he did leave me a gift, it was a cat,with fur like the morning sky, she had bright blue eyes and a single gold earring on her left ear, her name in fact was Minx. I heard about these creatures before from him, they are called exceedes, and they aren't from our world either, they were from a whole new world even I was there, sort of. We all have copies in that world, but what puzzled me was the fact that she had only one wing, most exceedes had the power of flight, or air magic, but she was fast, and even faster when she changed form.

 It was for the best that I move on with my life away from the darkness of my past but I was sketchy about joining a guild, especially with my short experiences with Blue Pegasus, but I decided to join a local guild with the name Fairy Tail, I heard many great things about this guild and I felt that I could fit in there, also with a slight hope that he was there, or other dragon slayers. I took a deep breath and opened the doors, it's bustling with life, I notice a girl behind me standing about two yards away, judging her scent and her exceede I was sure she was a dragon slayer, I hesitate but I turn around "hey! The entrance is over here if you want to come in." She exchanges glances with her exceede, and hesitantly walks in.

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