Darkened Hearts

There is always darkness in our hearts. Everyone has a darkness I am no exception. But my darkness is darker than anybody else's darkness. So bad I an loosing the war within myself. Nobody can tame this darkness . Someday I will surpass the greatest evil on this Earth. More evil than the black mage Zeref himself. For now I will wait in the darkness until my time has come. I wish for death. But my darkness will always stop me and take control when I am on the brink of death. Nobody can tame me. Not even myself even though I am a dragon slayer.


13. I would rather die

( Sable's)  P OV


"Come back. Stay with me." I mutter over and over hoping Naomi will come back to me. I hug my knees to my chest cry. I felt a stinging sensation on my face. I scream as I feel the shards retract into my body. I stumble over to the water, I can feel liquid flowing on my face. I look into the water and scream. I touch my face, where the shards retracted, there was holes in my face. They were small but there were many and they were deep. Blood was oozing out of the holes. I look at my body. There was blood everywhere, all over me. All the shard that were covering me you could see the tips of the shards. I try digging them out of my skin, but no avail. I Look into the water again, and try to wash myself. After giving up I collapse sobbing. "Sable." I hear somebody whisper. I look over in the direction of the voice. "Ebony. Please. Help me." I whimper clutching my head. "I told you there was a darkness inside of you. It is the side effect of you magic." she say trying to soothe me. "What do I do?" I cry. I run towards her and try to hug her. I pass through her.

"W-what?" I sob harder. "Ebony!" I cry. "Sable, my baby. Please, I am dead already. I entered you body to prevent you from becoming a dragon." she says try to touch me. She passes through me. "Ebony. I don't know what to do!" I sob. "You have to fight it." was the last ting she says as she fades away. "NO! EBONY!" I screech. She disappears, and I'm alone again. I sit back down rocking back and forwards. "I'm staying, I'm staying here alone. No pain. Na madness. no doubts. No nothing. Nothing but silence. I have everything I need. I ill never wake up. I am never going back to the real world. I would rather die. I feel the stinging sensation again. I freeze, I watch as they push out of my skin and begin to cover my skin again. I watch them as they crawl up my legs. It takes a while, but now my legs are in the shards and I feel no pain. No sadness. Nothing. Empty. I would rather feel empty than be back in a world that hates me. I'm never going back.

(Naomi's) POV

I feel so helpless, as I could feel the aura radiating off of Sable, I forced myself out of the bed and collapsed on the floor, dragging my self on my hands. "Dont. Let. It. Control. You." I wheeze, I pulled myself to her feet and held on to her legs, the shards digging into my skin, causing strings of blood to cascade down my arms. "Don't do this Sable, you don't realize it but this is going to ki-" my chest heaved as I coughed up excessive amounts of blood at her feet, "It's killing me from the inside out." I winced as I summoned the last of my strength, "if you won't listen, I'll bear it with you." A chain ran up Sable's arm causing shards to travel up my legs, I collapsed, I was exhausted. "Live." I said in a soft voice.

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