Darkened Hearts

There is always darkness in our hearts. Everyone has a darkness I am no exception. But my darkness is darker than anybody else's darkness. So bad I an loosing the war within myself. Nobody can tame this darkness . Someday I will surpass the greatest evil on this Earth. More evil than the black mage Zeref himself. For now I will wait in the darkness until my time has come. I wish for death. But my darkness will always stop me and take control when I am on the brink of death. Nobody can tame me. Not even myself even though I am a dragon slayer.


8. Dodge! Dodge!

(Sable's) POV

"I can't stand this. I don't belong here. It's too cheerful and peppy I hate it." I thought. I walked to the main hall and stat down in a table by a dark corner so nobody could see me. Many people passed me and didn't notice me watching them predicting their movements. I watched their fun with envy. "I can never have a family that will care for me. I wont get to attached here like I did with Ebony. I can't. They will all end up dead anyways, by me and my screw-ups." I thought sadly. A thin mist surrounded me and I controlled my emotions harder and it disappeared. Everybody was staring at the corner I was occupying. They felt that dark magic and was confused. The third master's voice echoed in the room. "Come on our Sable. No need to be shy." he said. "I'm not shy. Just not getting too attached because they will die because of my screw-ups." I replied from my corner. Everybody gasped and looked back at my corner where they were staring at just a minute ago. "Well just don't get attached and just come out. Come on they need to at least know what you look like. They didn't get a good look at you before that episode you went through when you first got here." he said. "Sorry but no can do." I said. "You will come out. That is an order." he commanded. "Sorry to break it to you but I'm not an official member until I get the guild symbol on me so I don't answer to you." I said. He threw a beam at e but I just dodged it so I wouldn't get the mark. "Missed old man. Maybe your aims off." I said flatly. He threw another bean. It almost hit my cheek but I dodged again just in time. "You have bad aim." I said again. This time he shot beam after beam at me. I yawned. I could tell he was getting mad. "Come on old man just kick me out." I thought.

"Sable! I am tired of this! Just join this guild!" he yelled. "What if I don't want to" I asked. He glared at the corner and threw a group of beams at me. "Too many! Umm.... Ah Ha!" I thought as I put a protective black barrier up. The master just looked at me with amazement. "Where did you learn that?" he asked. I shrugged. "Don't know. Woke up one morning and found out about 6 months of my memories were erased, but I knew how to perform these spells." I said. "That is a dark art! NEVER USE THOSE!" he yells at me. "Stop acting like my father! I don't need anybody!" I yelled. "I have never been so emotional in my life. I hate it." I thought. I made the barrier so that nobody could see me. I stood up and walked out the guild doors going for a walk. They watched as the doors opened but nobody came in or out. "I hate them. All of them. I hate the all." I thought angrily as a small dark mist surrounded me.

I calmed down and the mist disappeared. I walked into the nearest magic tore and took down the barrier. I looked through the items. I picked out a couple of items. All of them were limiters so I can keep my power in check. "Let's just hope it will work." I thought. The clerk was a boy about my age. He looked at me and blushed looking away. I scoffed and paid for the items and walked out. "So I got two necklaces a bracelet and a pair of earrings. All of them are limiters to keep my power in check. That sounds about right." I said. I was a cat flying towards me. "Hey Violet." I said. "WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN!" she yells at me. "Buying limiters to control my powers." I said. "You have to tell me when you go out." she said. "Your not my mom." I said. "I know but I love you and I don't want you to get hurt." she said. "Yeah. Yeah. I know. You say that everyday." I said smiling lightly. "SABLE!" yells a girl running towards us "Hurry. I'm going to put  barrier up so she can't see us." I said hugging her to me and quickly putting the barrier up. She was right in front of us with a stupid expression on her face. I walked behind her. "You look stupid with that look on you face.Naomi" I whispered in her ear. She jumped and turned around. I quickly ran in the opposite direction with Violet scolding me. I turned around and saw Naomi running the other way.

(Naomi's) POV

"Sable! where are you?!" I tried to follow her drifting scent but it kept bringing me to a wall. "Sable please! I need you!" My hands gripping around the sides of my head as I dropped to my knees "Help me." I manged to whimper out, as large shards of black and red ice stared to take over my body. Minx ran over to me horrified, "Sable! She needs you!" Sable started to panic as the barrier hiding her and Violet started to break, shards of it fell and shattered on the ground, as a dark aura surrounded her and Violet. "Sable you don't have to do this, Minx can handle this." Sable shook your head furiously. "No! She needs me, like, I need her." She dropped the barrier and rushed over to me and laid your hand on my shoulder, I looked up slightly, black shards covered most of my face, but you could distinctly make out the red streams of tears. "Zeref." I looked up abruptly, "what did you just say?! That name what was it?!" The dark aura stated to decipate, "Zeref." Sable repeated. The shards shrank back into my body, "that's him, I remember him now, I Remember everything." All the memories flooded back to me, I wiped away the tears, "Zeref. That's his name," I said as I traced my finger along the scar on my chest. "I'll see you again, you promised."

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